Let’s Do Math

10 -cards.jpg

Going to fill bird feeder + ice under snow = Falling down hard.

(just sore.  nothing broken)


Lady feeds pigeons + Chicago Streets = Hitchcock like swarm of birds flapping all around her.  (this is sure to give me nightmares.  Also signs up all over DO NOT FEED THE PIGEONS…..500 dollar fine.)


Rio + winter = Had enough!

Marie Green’s new book on seamless sweaters + pretty pictures = remind me I don’t like to wear sweaters, please.

Lorna’s Laces yummy sport weight + one slipper done = just sit down and finish the second already.

3 friends having babies + one set is twins = find a poncho pattern I like for babies.

Any math going on by you?


Author: compassionknit

I've moved from irisheyesknitters.blogspot.com to compassionknit.wordpress.com on Nov. 7 2016. It is still me! glad you found me

20 thoughts on “Let’s Do Math”

  1. 3rd snow day off school. Unprecedented. 3 young grandchildren playing in the snow. Magical. Minutes until bedtime – not long.
    Glad you suffered only soreness in the fall.


  2. Love your picture of Rio – so fun! Yesterday we had 8 cardinals at our feeder or in the bushes nearby at the same time! I did a lot of knitting and stitching yesterday, so that’s the kind of math that was going on for me.


  3. I hope you’re not too sore, I’ve done that myself on more than one occasion. What a beautiful photo of Rio and just look how the cardinals show up so clearly in a snowy background.


  4. Ouch. I am sorry you fell. Take good care. Math for today was reading a counting book, Ten Little Ladybugs, to my three year old grandson. The book is a tradition we call, “Count Grammy Count.” The book counts backwards from ten. Emmett and I would read the book and if we didn’t count the ladybugs on each page he would say – emphatically, “Count Grammy Count.” I am also sewing borders on quilt blocks and am half done – 10 finished, 10 to go.


  5. Love those cardinals and wish they’d come here. Although we did have a couple of robins in the snow; I wonder how they are finding worms? Glad you weren’t hurt in that fall!! Here we are counting the days we’ve been stuck because of the snow; maybe we should count the snowflakes instead? The promised rain has turned to snow!


  6. You need to get some of those spiked things to put on your shoes so you don’t fall. You do not want to break yourself! I’m so jealous of your cardinals. No math here.. it is not my strong point. ((hugs)), Teresa 🙂


  7. Here’s my number for today: 0! 0 hours of commuting, because of the ice storm. Working from home, except when a cat sits on my laptop keyboard. Guess he’s my union rep, telling me it’s time to take a break! LOL!


  8. I’m so glad you weren’t hurt seriously in your fall. Love the Cardinals and Rio. The only math going on here is adding up all the snow as it falls day by day. Another 9 1/2 to 10 inches last night alone. I’m done with winter too.


  9. Look at all those beautiful cardinals! They aren’t found in Wyoming, or at least I’ve never seen one. Sorry to hear of your tumble – glad you weren’t hurt. LOTS of math happening here – I’m cutting fabric for a quilt.


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