Hello Blog Pals

Happy 4th Birthday Fezzik. This was also, Huck’s birthday.

Some of you have already commented on wordpress changing our format a bit. I do not like one bit how it chooses to cut my words up at the end of the margin. Does anyone know a way around this?


One slipper done, one to go.

I am going to have to rip out my second slipper because my mind was all over the place yesterday and I fudged up the garter. No big deal. These slippers knit up in a flash. I am going to look for a rubber that I can put on the bottom to make them no skid……. Thoughts? Has anyone done this?

Poor Honore (of Morning Glory Studio blog) lost a precious ring yesterday. It was a ring that represented a Tom Thumb wedding. I had no idea what this meant. Thank you Honore , because it is a darling tradition that should make a comeback. Tom Thumb weddings began with two dwarfs from P.T. Barnum’s show getting married in the 1860s. Somehow this developed into a child’s friendship promise ceremony. Two children dress as bride and groom. There are many others who attend dressed up as well. They share vows of friendship to one another. Have you heard of this? Well a ring is involved and Honore cannot find her ring. Go to her blog and you’ll understand more.

I hope she finds that ring.

That’s it for today. Fireman’s been waiting for me to get off the computer so we can venture out in the tundra for groceries…….. stay warm !

Oh and thanks KAT!  I found the classic editor option!  You are so smart!

Author: compassionknit

I've moved from irisheyesknitters.blogspot.com to compassionknit.wordpress.com on Nov. 7 2016. It is still me! glad you found me

27 thoughts on “Hello Blog Pals”

  1. My gosh, that is one big cat!
    I just love those slippers. I think you can use the acrylic paints that come with an applicator — the cheap ones at the big box stores — for a non-slip bottom.


  2. Happy birthday to Fezzik, what a beautiful kitty. There’s something called Sock Stop, as well as other similar brands, which you can apply to socks to make them into slipper socks.


  3. I like the classic editor also. One thing with WordPress is you have to poke around to know where things are and how things work. You do know you can right click on a photo in your draft and position it with either the text starting on the side of it from the top of the photo either on the right or left, or position the photo in the middle with text starting from the left, etc?
    Happy birthday to Fezzik. We were just at the pet store. There are so many choices. How does one pick a food for their feline as well as litter? No luck on becoming pet owners here yet. The tween had tears in her eyes in the car in disappointment.

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  4. *H*A*P*P*Y* * *B*I*R*T*H*D*A*Y*!*!*!* Fezzik!! I think there is a rubberized paint you can put on the bottom? You could google it. OR.. you could sew some rubber bands on the bottom.. lol. ((hugs)), Teresa 🙂

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  5. happy, happy birthday Fezzik! Your slippers are looking great. I have tried various things to make the bottoms of slippers nonslip, but haven’t had much luck. If you figure something out you’ll have to let us all know.
    It’s a frozen tundra here too. And the security alarm just went off at Dennis’ work, so he’s on his way in to check it out. He’s one of the people that lives far away, but he’s also the only one that answers his phone, so he is always the one driving in when something happens ! We are in a winter storm warning right now and have had around 13 inches so far since yesterday. He has been out snowblowing all of the neighbors driveways and sidewalks all morning. Stay safe.
    Blessings, Betsy


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