You Just Never Know

Wonderful Donna

Wonderful things can happen when we connect. I read a post on a local TRASH NOTHING thread. A woman and her son needed yarns for making Twiddle Mitts.

Regina had just given me a very large sum of yarns that needed a home for charity knitting. So, since Regina is an amazing charity knitting person, and this woman Donna, was making twiddle mitts, I felt the yarn was meant for her.

I had the joy of meeting her today when she came up my ice driveway and I gave her lots of yarn. I had Fireman help me go through my own leftovers and rewind them , last night.

Donna is delightful. She and her son are making Twiddle Mitts for the alzheimer patients nearby. Donna’s son Nick has Downs Syndrome. They like to keep their hands busy creating for others.  During our conversation she taught me that tonight is the nationwide NIGHT TO SHINE. It is prom for disabled people.  The dances and fun take place at churches who support Tim Tebows mission.   Sounds wonderful to me.  Have you heard of it?

Donna told me about two craft sites she visits for listening :



Sheepislysharing .

I will check them both out!

So thank you Regina and Donna for being the kind of amazing generous knitting souls you are. I promise I will do some charity knitting too this year. You both inspire me.

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17 thoughts on “You Just Never Know

  1. What a wonderful thing your friend did by passing yarn to you and then you gifting it to those wonderful people who make things to help those with Alzheimers. My mom and Dayle’s dad had it. I am going to make some things for Betsy’s veterans project. ((hugs)), Teresa 🙂


  2. I have been following Tim Tebow on facebook for awhile and what he does with these young people is amazing and he loves it so very much!
    ps. just started reading your blog, I like it!


  3. I have been watching Margaret Olander and sheepishly sharing for a long, long time. She does so much for other people. I think you will love her. I have also seen a bit of Ewe university but not much. How wonderful that you were able to connect. I think it’s great that her and her son are doing this together. And yes I have heard of Tim Tebow’s group that he works with. I think that is also a wonderful cause. I’m proud to call you my friend Kathy. you have such a wonderful heart for others.
    Blessings, Betsy


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