Survey Results and Ice

My poor newly planted Willow tree…….please be okay

Below you can see the front woods. This is a color photograph. Everything has an amazing ice glaze on it. It is only amazing because I don’t have to go out of my house in this ice storm. So far we have power, and we are very lucky.

ON WITH THE SURVEY results. IF you took the survey thanks! I had 44 respondents, an all time high!


So : 50/50 split on how many of us know how many hours a day we use our mobile device.

60% of you knew you could see your daily usage on the screen time setting

56% of us use the calendar feature ……I used to but I’m back to paper.

A whopping 63% don’t rely on the GPS on your phone. I’d be completely lost without MAPS. I love MAPS.

And while 42 % of you knew you can schedule downtime, and whopping 81% were not at all interested in trying it for a portion of your day. This made me laugh.

60% of you take your phone to bed.

70% of us text more than talk with our device phone

and 63% of us have more than 100 photos on our phone.

Thanks Zach, I love these surveys! Great idea. Obviously lurkers and commentors feel comfortable taking the survey.

Beatles is so trusting and sweet. This is typical for him to lie on Fireman’s chest and nap together.

As for Knitting, I’ve got some fun slippers going on.

Also, I was reading in our local TRASH NOTHING mail that someone is looking for yarn for Twiddle Mitts. I responded to this person and she is just a few miles away. I will be giving her some of the yarns Regina gave me for charity knitting. I’m happy to pass it along and how serendipitous that someone here currently needs that yarn!


Author: compassionknit

I've moved from to on Nov. 7 2016. It is still me! glad you found me

16 thoughts on “Survey Results and Ice”

  1. The snow is beautiful in your neighborhood and backyard. That was a fun pic to see, the last one. I keep forgetting that you have more than one cat besides Fezzik.


  2. Ice storms are my least favorite of all types of weather (well, you know … except for things like tornadoes and stuff). Ice storms cause so many problems — even though they create some amazing landscapes. Hope your power stays ON!


  3. They’re interesting results. What a trusting cat Beatles is napping like that, he looks so comfy and very laid back. It looks very chilly there, stay warm.


  4. Wow. That’s some ice you’ve got. We were trapped in the basement for a week when we had a storm like that once. We had no power. No water and we couldn’t even put the dogs out because of the danger from the falling trees. What an experience. What a mess to clean up.


  5. So, just a question… how to people wake up? I use the alarm on my phone. And, I like the phone in the bedroom in case my kids have an emergency in the night. Just sayin’.

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  6. I only use Maps when we’re traveling to a place I’ve never been before and have no idea how to find in a strange city. Then, I must admit, it comes in very handy. Spokane is very easy to get around in as it is set up in a grid. Your ice pictures are beautiful but also scary. We had an ice storm here years ago that knocked out power for over three weeks. When it’s as cold as it has been that is so dangerous.
    I love that you found someone who is making twiddle mitts. Perfect. And finally. That picture of Fireman and Beatles is just too cute! I love how Beatles is laying with his arms out. So trusting.

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  7. I really wish I hadn’t missed the survey! You’ll have to do another one as they sound fun:) That is such a cute picture of Beatles and Fireman! What an awesome thing to keep the yarn moving:)

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