The SNOOD is Finished

My first Snood!

Well, she’s finished. Today I shall test here worthiness. Was she worthy of my Lorna’s laces awesome sport shepherd yarn? I used two skeins up. Cost around 38 dollars. She’s based on a Tin Can knit cowl pattern that you all told me I could double in size without additional stitches. You all were right ! Thanks !

I want to remind you all that Kim’s Knitters Hunks and Chicks start taking nominations today! Whee. It is a fun contest.

Thank you all for taking my second survey! I got 36 responses. That’s huge and interesting. Maybe more of you are inclined to take a quick survey than leave a comment on a blog. ???? That’s fine ! Maybe you like the being anonymous?

30% of us staying in the whole day on 1/30 during the polar freeze

51% of us would like a swap that was specifically for a knit a long

A whopping 82% of you won’t miss conversation hearts!

38 % of you are reading a book that you took out of your library! Hooray for libraies!

63% of us have never done intarsia

40% of you want that box I want for my knitting, that is like a suitcase

72% of us will send at least one Valentine

A very close call with about 50% using their crockpot more in winter..

Finally, 60% of you would prefer flowers to chocolates for Valentines Day!

Have a wonderful Friday. I’m going to get some groceries in this house. Tomorrow we are going to a chili contest in town. It is for a charity . I hope they have crackers because to be honest, I don’t know how much Chili this tummy can stand….


Author: compassionknit

I've moved from to on Nov. 7 2016. It is still me! glad you found me

18 thoughts on “The SNOOD is Finished”

  1. Well, that ought to help you stay warm! I love Lorna’s Laces yarns. Oh, and the needles arrived today; I will bring them to UW on Tuesday. Thank you so much! Stay warm!


  2. That snood looks like it would be perfect for keeping the cold off of your ears and neck. And the survey results were very interesting. We’re having a chili cook off at church in March as a benefit for the youth group. I’ve volunteered to take a pot of my famous chili. We’ll see how it does. It won first place a few years ago when we did a cook off. Blessings, Betsy


  3. That snood looks like it will ward off the midwestern cold!!! I’d have that doubled around my neck today. I don’t mind my head being chilly, but I hate when the wind blows down the back of my coat! YIKES!

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  4. Am glad you modeled your cowl, because I really had no idea what one looked like! I tend to wrap my scarf around my head and neck, making a make-shift cowl…or, I simply look like a Polish grandma wearing a babushka! But while shoveling snow this week, I realized that my hat was pushed off my head by my scarf, and your cowl may be the purrfect thing for me in the future! You are going to make me knit something, aren’t you?!? LOL! P.S. Did your son feel any of the earthquakes that happened in Chicago, due to the frozen ground? My nephew did, plus he sent footage of the build-up of ice on the inside of his apartment window…


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