Themeless Friday, Just Easy Ramblin


Minnie Mouse here.  Isn’t Pie clever to disguise so she can catch a mouse??


These are some of the needles a friend is donating to charity.  Happy Knitting to the new knitters who will benefit.  Many thanks to my pal for organizing this collection.


Two good pals from High School came up for our holiday gathering yesterday.  We are all so over the big meals and the rich desserts.  I did have a piece of Stollen and I love the marzipan flavor.  I should throw it out right now so I Don’t eat anymore of it.   I like stollen.  Do you?

Thank you all for your wise words for my sister.  Zach had a genius idea when I posed the situation to him.  He suggested in a show of solidarity and support, we all tape bandages on our faces and send the photos to my sister.  My sister loves to laugh.   She loved the photos of each of us, so much she began to cry .  You all had kind and thoughtful ideas. THANK you. MiniGalaxyOfChange.JPG

I found this somewhere in computerland this morning.  I love it.  I bet Mrs. Macawber or Teresa could crochet this beauty!   The colors are so joyful.  I’m going to put it on a new list of things I wish I could commit to in yarn land…..

Finally,  I want to come up with a plan for the blog year.  Last year Al helped with Tuesday book reviews for a bit.  Hmmmm.  I have ideas:

Q and A will appear now and then, because some of you are so dang supportive of it!








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13 thoughts on “Themeless Friday, Just Easy Ramblin”

  1. Miss Pie looks quite pretty and put out! Were the mice fooled?

    Never had stollen but it sounds good!

    The crochet piece is lovely! Hmmmm….

    No ideas for the blog but glad q and a will happen now and then!

    Also, good for your friend organizing that donation!


  2. I think I’ve had stollen.. not sure.. but if it’s bread and fresh I know I’d like it. That is sweet that you think I could do that pretty star blanket.. it looks very challenging!
    ((hugs)), Teresa 🙂


  3. Stollen looks interesting; I had to Google it. Glad you made your sister laught; Zach is so creative. I love that crocheted blanket. There is a pattern on Ravelry close to that one.


  4. Whatever that crochet thing is, it’s very pretty.
    Stollen? Since I’ve never met a cake I didn’t like I bet I’d love it. I just finished off the last of the one of the four fruitcakes I baked. In my defense, it was just a little sliver left.


  5. What a great blog post! First of all Miss Pie does not look completely thrilled with that Minnie Mouse bow. Ha! As you said, the bandage idea by Zach was genius.
    I absolutely love stollen. My grandmother used to make it from scratch all the time when I was a little girl. Unfortunately the recipe died along with her. She refused to ever share a recipe. She also made an amazing sour cream raisin coffee cake that the entire family was in love with. None of us know how to make that either. So sad.
    And finally the beautiful star blanket. I actually made one of those a few years back but I can’t find the pattern. I looked for it when I saw this picture. I didn’t use quite as many different colors, but I remember that all of the different pattern stitches were a lot of fun to do.
    No matter what you do with your blog I always enjoy it Kathy. You are a beam of sunlight in my day
    my friend. Blessings, Betsy


  6. Pie…oh, the humiliation!
    Have never eaten stollen.
    That’s a doily! A rocking, beautiful doily; would love to have one for myself.
    I say to The Hubby, “I’ve been thinking…” and he ALWAYS comes back with, “Uh OH! We’re all in trouble now!” Ha ha, so very funny…


  7. I love marzipan. Now i want to start Marzipan Mondays. Where we make stuff out of marzipan and then eat it!


  8. T’was a great idea Zach had for your sister…the crocheted piece is quite lovely; I like the mandala look…no ideas for your 2019 blog, yet. I’ll think on it!


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