Excuse Me, You are in My Seat


We went to see The Freddy Mercury Tribute with friends yesterday. I loved it.  The  four of us loved it.  If you liked Queen, I cannot imagine you not loving it.  The music was just wonderful.   They did a great job honoring this talented man, gone too soon.

For 6 dollars  a piece we had a great time.
Now, I have to tell you about the goofy seats.  They have just spent oodles of money remodeling this theatre.  The seats are all recliners, and the place is immaculate.

But when you buy your ticket you choose your seat in the theatre on a screen in the lobby.

I’m probably the last one to know this, but I thought the old method of show up and find a seat worked well for decades.

I’d say the theatre had 20 people in it for the movie.  We picked our seats, and thought we had found the correct ones.

Sure enough a couple came over and said we were in their seats.  It was kind of funny.  All four of us could have gotten up and moved, but we were reclined already.

Luckily, after everyone fumbled to find their stubs, turn their phones lights on, and re read our seat numbers, they just said they’d sit next to us.

Seriously.  Have you encountered this new method of theatre seating?

As for me and mine today : we have huge piles to burn before the snow flies.  It is in the 30s out.  I plan to come in afterwards,  get under my electric blanket and charity knit the afternoon and evening away .  IN my designated seat , that is.


Author: compassionknit

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17 thoughts on “Excuse Me, You are in My Seat”

  1. I never go to the movies anymore but can’t imagine someone wanting you to move in an empty theatre. REally want to see that movie!


  2. The choose your seat thing was always a point of contention when Briton worked at the theater. No one knew why it was done, no one liked it, and, the vast majority of the time, there were few enough people in any given screening that they could just sit where they wanted.


  3. I have never heard of the “pick your seat” option, but then again, I haven’t been to a movie theater in several years. I much prefer waiting until they are on Netflix or DVD. At home I can pause it and go use the bathroom without missing anything. Ha! At my age that’s important.
    It’s cold here this morning too. Have fun under your blanket and knitting this afternoon.
    Blessings, Betsy


  4. Like others, I don’t go to theatres these days – the sound is always too loud and people are rude! We do have theatres like that near us…and they also serve dinner, etc. But then the wait staff are walking through all the time, blocking your view, etc. I’m much happier at home.


  5. We’ve done this in theaters in Germany and Japan. In some ways it is kind of nice as if can pick the seats you want (if you do it early enough). Also seems more like something done in theaters where they have the newer BIG seats and there are fewer rows and seats per row so the center is more a Premium spot.


  6. I like this new arrangement, since I can pick a set that suits my particular eye problem. Too close and I’m getting a headache, and there is no such thing as too far back…but only in the middle or middle-right! I’ve seen more movies as a solo act in the past year; it’s just easier than convincing someone else to attend.


  7. That sounds way to complicated to me. We haven’t been to the movies in ages because The Mister thinks they are too loud. Lol….


  8. I can’t remember the last time I was in a theater………….I’m sure it was at least 10 years ago. Then you just filed in and sat in an empty spot.


  9. I very rarely go to the cinema so I don’t know if they have designated seats or not here. I’d really like to see this film, I haven’t heard a bad review of it. I loved Queen’s music and I thought Freddie Mercury was such a flamboyant entertainer.


  10. Yet another reason for me to NOT go to see a film in the theater. It’s getting to be a long list!
    (But as a huge Queen/Freddie Mercury fan, this film is making it tough to resist.)


  11. Thank you for posting about this movie! Your post made me click over to our local — only one in the county! — movie theater and discover that the movie is showing there. Now to convince Smokey that it is worth putting on shoes (and pants!) to go see it.


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