Busy Busy Busy


There was a lot of car knitting yesterday.  We had appointments all day and we picked up Zach late afternoon.  This has hat will be for Fireman.  So far so good.


I took my first and second Uber rides.  Zach handled the whole thing on his phone, but it still counts.  The cars were clean, the drivers polite and they arrived so quickly.

Zach wanted to go see Free Solo which is the story of Alex Hannold (strikingly similar to hand hold dont you think?) who climbed El Capitan without and ropes or safety net.
Having been to Yosemite myself, a few years ago, I was delighted with the scenery.

I don’t understand how people challenge themselves to do such things.  One interesting part of the movie, is when someone suggests he have a brain MRI to see if his brain is indeed different than most.  It was.

The Theatre was full capacity.  I have never been in such a packed theatre.  I don’t like crowds but I did ok.


After the movie, we were delighted to see Alex himself (far right) and the movie producer come on stage in Chicago and answer questions.

I am off to the barn to take a few photos for their 5K fun run.  Im tired.  I wish I was staying home, but I promised…..so  I’ll be going now.

Have a great weekend.  Whatever mountain you may be climbing today, Im proud of you.



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18 thoughts on “Busy Busy Busy”

  1. I also saw Free Solo over the weekend,and thought it was excellent. All of my kids are climbers (thankfully inside only…so far), and I thought it would be interesting to understand the mindset of someone who wants to climb outside. Still don’t understand what pushes someone to want to be in such peril!! Hoping my boys choose to keep their hobby indoors :).


  2. Those stripes are GREAT. 🙂 I love plays or concerts with an “audience talk-back” afterward — but I’ve never seen one done at a movie! What a great idea!


  3. That will be a great hat for Fireman. Very manly colors.
    I don’t think I could watch that movie. Number one, heights terrify me. Number two, Alex‘s best friend is a rock climber and does those kinds of things and I can’t stand the thought of something happening to him so I refuse to watch him climb. I would constantly be thinking of Shane while watching the movie. I know me.
    I hope you get some rest this weekend and can enjoy just relaxing and knitting. Blessings, Betsy

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  4. That will be a perfect guy hat. I have never done an Uber and I’m glad you had a good experience. I’ve heard so many stories of bad situations with those drivers that it’s a bit off-putting. But I’m sure the majority of them are good. Have fun photographing your wonderful horses! ((hugs)), Teresa 🙂

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  5. Thanks for the share. We are going to have to check that movie out. No safety nets or ropes. That is really amazing. Glad your first two uber rides were great. The picture of the theater we can see Rocky Horror for Halloween. That’s a good time if you go. Have a great rest of your weekend.

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  6. Thankfully the all types of people with an array of talents live on earth. While I don’t climb mountains, others do. My life’s “mountains” challenge me enough. I’ve yet to ride in an Uber, but someday . . .

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  7. That’s so cool!Tim has told me about that movie and glad you got to see that. Is the hat six ply indulgence? I made Tim a pair of socks out of that. Apparently this comment is all about Tim xo


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