Charity Knits….

Recently, I mailed one scarf to Operation Gratitude per their very specific instructions.  I received a thank you very quickly.   Then, late in this week, I got an email asking for more donations to ensure more soldiers will get care boxes over the holidays.

So I’ll send these along, too. As you can see, both are pull through scarves. I think these make great scarves because you don’t have to knot them and they stay close to your neck for warmth.

If you want to donate a scarf or an item they need, just go to  The photos there, make me feel happy.   I know that is not the point, but it is a great bonus.   It only takes me a night or two to use double thickness malabrigo leftovers and create a scarf.  The site is well organized and you will be told just how to send the scarves.


I’ll leave you this weekend on the swingset in town. I’m doing my best to embrace the colder weather.  We went from 80 to 4o this week and it really bothered me.  I am going to fake it till I make it.  I’ve decided as long as the sun shines I will be thankful for that.

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18 thoughts on “Charity Knits….

  1. We had the same precipitous drop in temps here in NEO. I was anxious for the high heat and humidity to leave, so I don’t dare complain. I would have liked a chance to have windows open to fresh air before going from AC to heat, however; this has beeen dramatic! Walking outside is great for the mood. I’m headed off myself in a few moments.


  2. Hi Kathy! I looked up the website a couple of nights ago at Mandy’s and I have every intention of making some scarves when I get home this week.
    We started the drive home from Omaha this morning and so far have had about 3 hours of snow. There is 3 inches of ice built up on the front of my car. The windchill is 9F where we are in S Dakota as I type this. It’s snowing in Omaha now too. The little girls were running around barefoot at Piper’s birthday party yesterday! Crazy weather!


  3. I am struggling with the changes in weather too. Your saying its bothering you is a strange comfort to me. My sister in Minnesota has snowflakes today. Her new German Shep pup is tearing around their yard joyfully and it made me smile. I have gotten out for 3 walks this week and one treadmill day. It is good to feel the sunshine but IM blue also.


  4. I really HATE to say it as much as I have complained about the hot weather but we had a cold snap here this weekend and it gave me a very bad case of the heebie jeebies. I love cold weather but it was too cold, too fast and now I feel very unsettled. No fall anymore. Summer to winter. Ugh….


  5. You look adorable on the swing, Kathy. That is so nice of you to make those scarves for our military, I am going right over and check out that website and hope to help out too. ((hugs)), Teresa 🙂

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