Flowers for You


We put on our winter coats and hats and headed into town for the Thursday Farmers’ Market.  It was really cold.  Everyone was bundled up.  These flowers are dahlia’s I think.  There were hundreds of them.

I’ve grown dahlia’s before and there is some effort involved.  From planting the tubers (which I believe are stems or roots) to digging them up in fall, and storing them, they give back by creating these amazing flowers.

We were looking for buckwheat honey, for Fireman.  No one had this.  The beekeeper did have local honey.   So we purchased some.  We then stopped at the library and I got 7 magazines to read.  My mom used to give me her Better Homes and Gardens and Family Circle Magazine.  So these magazines are a great memory.  I also had a memory of my grandma yesterday.  She could peel an apple in one long strand.  I tried.  I was able to peel one in two strands.  Not bad!

I bought unusual apples: Haralson, (which is described as not acid. What?  I’ve never had an acidic apple. Have you?  ).  Its other attribute is:  good for baking.  That was the goal.  I wanted to make Fireman apple cobbler.  So I mixed those with another new apple: The Roxbury Russet.  Cobbler is a  no brainer, so I cannot be too proud of it, but it was very good and the apples retained their shape instead of turning into mush.

Today our new baby willow tree is being planted.

Today the Brewers being their baseball quest, to move on to win for the World Series.  I’m not ready for the cold that already arrived, and I’m not ready for  baseball to be over.

Today,  there will be knitting.  But not until later, when the yard chores are done.

What’s up with you today?

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17 thoughts on “Flowers for You

  1. Beautiful flowers. Hmmm…lemme see…this post of yours was about four days ago so I assume it was Friday? I worked out and later on drove four teenagers to the match. Then hung out for a bit and then went back and picked up one of the teenager’s friends to take her home. I of course went back to the courts and watched my girl win her singles match and her doubles.


  2. Today was a “walk down Memory Lane”. The firehouse has open house. My dad and a good friend were both firefighters there. I got to talk to people who knew my family “way back when”. It was a lot of fun. Then dinner at the pub. It was cool and crisp just as a fall day should be and perfect for Fire Prevention Week Open House.

    P.S. Did you monetize your blog? I never noticed so many advertisements before.


  3. Those flowers are spectacular! Fall finally showed up here today. It’s cooler but more important the humidity all went out to sea with that %&#&@$ storm last night.


  4. Tonight I’m going to hear Markus Zusak speak. He wrote The Book Thief, which I loved, and is out promoting his new YA novel. I have the foot of a sock to work on while he talks.


  5. Those flowers are lusciously lovely! The cobbler sounds sooo good! We’re having a cool and SUNNY day – absolutely gorgeous but a hat and gloves helped! We’re rootin’for the Red Sox…tbc!


  6. No Fall here but the humidity did let go which is appreciated! I love the dahlias; so pretty!
    My dad still plants them in his garden and digs them up and separates them for the next spring!
    The apple cobbler sounds good!


  7. Gorgeous flower pictures!!! I have had acidic apples once in awhile.

    The edge of the storm brought us Fall weather and I am LOVING it!!!


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