All Over the Place Post


I have a lot to share with you today.  Much of it is not connected so I’ll try to write clearly and not jump subjects.

*Fireman and I went to the Lake to see the sunset last night after storms. We did catch a rainbow, but these changing leaves seemed even more special.  Meredith I know you miss this time of year in Wisconsin, so this one is for you. And anyone else who needs some breathtaking fall foliage.

This is also a new way of my dealing with a lousy cloudy day.  They  make for nice sunsets.

TC: topic change

*Yesterday I saw two posts on Facebook that were interesting knits.  One was called Sleevie Wonder and it was a one sleeved wrap.  Interesting concept.  Look it up if you wish.  I can’t post the photo without permission but I can tell you it was under Knitting Fever and Euro yarns.

*I also saw beautiful asymmetric shawl with a three button closure that appeared to have big leaves knitted in to it. .  Very very pretty.  Again, sorry I’m a bad blogger and I don’t have that name    But I could be tempted by it if the pattern instructions were super clear.  I’ll be hunting down that pattern today.


TC : topic change

I got an email that Operation Gratitude needs more knitted scarves, so I’m putting aside my second afterthought heel sock for a few days while I knit another scrappy scarf for a soldier.  It is the least I can do.

TC: topic change

I watched Amy Beth’s newest podcast and she is always interesting and funny.  She mentioned getting some yarn from DeStash.  I looked up Destash and found an etsy site.  Is this what she means?  If none of you know, then I’ll try to ask her directly.  She mentioned an app for yardage for hats, scarves, sweaters and the like.  It was called knitbot.  Have you used it ?

Finally, I can get very hard on myself if I change plans that I’ve made.  I was fussing over going to see the Botanic Garden China Lights display tonight.  I was going with my dear friend Sandy.  I read the reviews, saw the roads to getting there were under construction (and unfamiliar to us).  It is a night time event and we are supposed to be under strong winds and temps in the 30s.

I called her and she was so sweet.  Turns out she was going for my sake and I was going for hers.  She has a packed schedule this week and she’s relieved.  So I can stop beating myself up about it. Right?

TC: I know I post often and I understand if people don’t read them all.  If you do and you enjoy them all great. But never feel like you have to. Writing is an outlet for me and I love to post.  So if you miss some there should always be more.  Hugs to all of you!

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23 thoughts on “All Over the Place Post

  1. I’m on FB too; I mostly post the same stuff I do on IG but I’m more open about the girls there because I know whom I’m connected with. Haven’t heard of destash I’m afraid. My idea of destashing is just giving the yarn away. I have a whole bag for a fellow friend in the SF knitting group who always makes an effort to read my posts and to KIT.


  2. Thank you, thank you for the beautiful photo. I can almost smell the crisp fall air. We had fall here yesterday, only a high of 88! Back up to 90 on Monday.


  3. I love everything you write. It’s like having a little chat with you. I’m going to look up Operation Gratitude and make a scarf or two when we get home. Now that I have the mittens done for another year I can concentrate on other things for charity.
    I think it’s fine to change plans, especially when you both agree. With good friends you can always be honest.


  4. Those fall colors are spectacular! We’re a few weeks behind you, color-wise. Things are just beginning here in southwestern Michigan; we’ll likely peak in a couple of weeks. XO


  5. Hi Kathy! I read every one of your posts all the through. Just wanted you to know I’m still lurking and enjoying.


  6. Gorgeous foliage picture Kathy! We were hoping to see that in New England last week, but didn’t…

    Definitely stop beating yourself up…you never should have started to begin with!

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  7. We love seeing the leaves changing colors. They are finally starting to change in our neck of the woods. We are going to check out Amy Beth’s podcast. Looks like a fun podcast to watch. Thanks for the share. We always love your posts and keep writing away. Have a wonderful day.


  8. You know, these days I want to do SO MANY THINGS, because time is a’moving too fast! But, sometimes, we have to put the breaks on, and just sit down and BE…without distractions, without TV, without a cat meowing for dinner (well, they’ll meow about something!). So saying ‘no’ even after saying ‘yes’ is the only way to go.

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  9. Amy Beth might have also meant the Destash Group on Ravelry. I’m sure if you commented on her YouTube video she would clarify for you.

    Oh those colors! They look good enough to be a calendar photo. Our yellows are just starting to pop out.


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