A Ravioli Recipe


I was comforted by the fact that many of us are pushed into and out of weather moods.  I am determined to find a way around this.  Join me as I figure out a way to embrace this coming Winter weather.    Perhaps I’ll call this my Weather Buster moment here at Compassionknit.

No need for a weather buster today: it is gorgeous out.  70s and sunny and a touch of humidity.  I’ll be on the porch appreciating the goodness.  We slept with windows open wide last night.  Perfection.

I found Cat Borshi’s Socks Soar book yesterday on my shelf.   I’m knitting socks and she says , “Are you really going to walk all over your knitting by wearing it?”  I love this.   And yes I am.

Finally , I’ll share with you the dinner I made for friends this weekend.

Ravioli Toss

*purchase ravioli of your choice. I choose Fresh Sausage Ravioli

*2 packages of basil

*One jar of roasted red peppers

*Pinenuts ( I know they are crazy expensive but the make this meal I think)

*One jar of sun dried tomatoes


*Romano or parmesan cheese


I ribbon cut the basil and set aside.

I slice the roasted red peppers and set aside.

I warm a few sun dried tomatoes in the wok as set aside.

I brown a teaspoon of chopped garlic in the wok with a tablespoon of oil from the sundried tomato jar. Then I slowly brown the pine nuts and set aside.

I cook the ravioli in the boiling water as suggested for 4 minutes.  Then I transfer it to the  wok . Again, I will add a  teaspoon or so of the oil from the sun dried tomato jar, into the wok and I brown the ravioli.  I add the roasted red peppers carefully to the ravioli and try not to break the pasta.

I plate the ravioli and sprinkle it with basil, pine nuts and cheese.  I serve the sun dried tomatoes on the side.

I love the fresh basil taste.  Let me know if you try this Ravioli dinner and like it. 🙂



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10 thoughts on “A Ravioli Recipe”

  1. We are also happy the weather is starting to cool off here also. The night time is just perfect, but the day has a little too much humidity. We are going to give this recipe a try. Looks very simple, which we like. Thanks for the share. Have a great day

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  2. Sure sounds delish! and I’m hungry, too. We switch from hot to cold, one day to the next.Eventually I guess the weather will settle down; just a lot of leaves falling…

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  3. Still too damn hot here. That ravioli looks delish. I used to make my own using wonton wrappers. I haven’t done it in ages. I think I need to now.


  4. Your meal looks delicious! I’d have to serve it w Doug out of town though! And yes…the meals will change soon but we’re still on the grill tonight!


  5. Our weather is cooling off comfortably. We have rain for one or two days, then 3 or 4 days of glorious sunshine, so I’m not complaining one bit. Your ravioli dish looks delicious!


  6. I walk all over my knitting all of the time! I’ve been wearing My knitted socks all week since we got to Nebraska. My flip-flops are in the suitcase. It’s been so cold and rainy here. Everyone knows how I feel about winter, so I will try to “buck up” and not whine as much. Your recipe looks delicious and I think when I’ll need to try when we get home.
    Blessings, Betsy


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