A Ravioli Recipe


I was comforted by the fact that many of us are pushed into and out of weather moods.  I am determined to find a way around this.  Join me as I figure out a way to embrace this coming Winter weather.    Perhaps I’ll call this my Weather Buster moment here at Compassionknit.

No need for a weather buster today: it is gorgeous out.  70s and sunny and a touch of humidity.  I’ll be on the porch appreciating the goodness.  We slept with windows open wide last night.  Perfection.

I found Cat Borshi’s Socks Soar book yesterday on my shelf.   I’m knitting socks and she says , “Are you really going to walk all over your knitting by wearing it?”  I love this.   And yes I am.

Finally , I’ll share with you the dinner I made for friends this weekend.

Ravioli Toss

*purchase ravioli of your choice. I choose Fresh Sausage Ravioli

*2 packages of basil

*One jar of roasted red peppers

*Pinenuts ( I know they are crazy expensive but the make this meal I think)

*One jar of sun dried tomatoes


*Romano or parmesan cheese


I ribbon cut the basil and set aside.

I slice the roasted red peppers and set aside.

I warm a few sun dried tomatoes in the wok as set aside.

I brown a teaspoon of chopped garlic in the wok with a tablespoon of oil from the sundried tomato jar. Then I slowly brown the pine nuts and set aside.

I cook the ravioli in the boiling water as suggested for 4 minutes.  Then I transfer it to the  wok . Again, I will add a  teaspoon or so of the oil from the sun dried tomato jar, into the wok and I brown the ravioli.  I add the roasted red peppers carefully to the ravioli and try not to break the pasta.

I plate the ravioli and sprinkle it with basil, pine nuts and cheese.  I serve the sun dried tomatoes on the side.

I love the fresh basil taste.  Let me know if you try this Ravioli dinner and like it. 🙂


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11 thoughts on “A Ravioli Recipe

  1. I walk all over my knitting all of the time! I’ve been wearing My knitted socks all week since we got to Nebraska. My flip-flops are in the suitcase. It’s been so cold and rainy here. Everyone knows how I feel about winter, so I will try to “buck up” and not whine as much. Your recipe looks delicious and I think when I’ll need to try when we get home.
    Blessings, Betsy


  2. Our weather is cooling off comfortably. We have rain for one or two days, then 3 or 4 days of glorious sunshine, so I’m not complaining one bit. Your ravioli dish looks delicious!


  3. Your meal looks delicious! I’d have to serve it w Doug out of town though! And yes…the meals will change soon but we’re still on the grill tonight!


  4. Still too damn hot here. That ravioli looks delish. I used to make my own using wonton wrappers. I haven’t done it in ages. I think I need to now.


  5. Sure sounds delish! and I’m hungry, too. We switch from hot to cold, one day to the next.Eventually I guess the weather will settle down; just a lot of leaves falling…

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  6. We are also happy the weather is starting to cool off here also. The night time is just perfect, but the day has a little too much humidity. We are going to give this recipe a try. Looks very simple, which we like. Thanks for the share. Have a great day

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Mmmm. Love a good pasta toss (no matter the pasta, but especially with ravioli). We’re having hot-today-cold-tomorrow kind of weather. Ahhhh. . . fall! 🙂


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