Monday Questions….


The Online Supersock knits up quickly.  It is bit thicker than fingering and I’m liking it very much.

*Something crazy got into me and I have decided to try after thought heels again.  I like how some people realize they are really, before thought heels, as you have to plan where your heel will be after you finish knitting the body and toe of the socks. Do you like after thought heels?

*The weather was gloomy for the last many days and boy, I let it get to me.  I really do not like when the weather wins.  Do you let the weather win?

*Do you plan your television time?  Or do you just turn it on and look for something that interests You?  I’m a planner, Fireman is not so much.

*You know that robotic vacuum that I swore we didnt’ need?  Well , I love it.  Has a purchase surprised you of late?

*Are you holiday knitting? I am , surprisingly not.  Well, I may knit a few more hat ornaments……but no pressure there.

*A friend gave me mini pom seeds last fall to plant.  They came up by the dozens and  have bloomed since July.  Today I dug up two plants to give to someone else.  Did you share any plants this yea?

That’s all !  Just 6 questions. I’m up early to go help at Barn classes , and my brain is still half asleep…….So answer if you wish!!!

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18 thoughts on “Monday Questions….

  1. *Do you like after thought heels? I don’t mind them but I have high insteps and don’t know how to fix the problem where the foot seems shorter b/c of it. I heard the Knitting Expat has some good tips for it in her sock patterns. I may have to break down and buy one.

    *Do you let the weather win? When it’s hot, I’ve been wearing dry fit as it helps wick away moisture.

    *Do you plan your television time? I have a list of shows but keep forgetting to sit on the couch and watch as I’m usually parked here at the laptop.

    *Has a purchase surprised you of late? Yaasss. My husband bought these pads of sticky paper for our floors. When he showed me I was like they’re so ugly but you know what? They stick away the dust and hair on our slippers and so the bathroom, tiled floors don’t get all dirty.

    *Are you holiday knitting? I want to! I had a pattern I had bought for my niece who loves unicorns and horses. I have to find the yarn now. I’m good at hiding stuff when company comes over.

    *Did you share any plants this year? LOL. Insert laughing emoji here. We have an unfinished front yard that’s been that way for mooonthsss.


  2. LOVE your socks!

    I don’t really watch TV (other than some PBS and Netflix). The weather…I try to not let it get me down, but this continuous grey, damp weather has us all on edge I think.

    Only recent shopping has been YARN – always fun!

    I’m in the thinking stages for gift knitting. Not sure it will happen though – lol.


  3. *I let the weather win ALL THE TIME. I try not to, but it does. This eternal summer is killing me.
    *We have a few shows we like to watch, but with so many ways to grab them if we miss them, it’s no big deal.
    *I WANT A ROOMBA! SO SO BAD! The entertainment value alone would be stellar.
    *I’m thinking about knitting up a bunch of easy slippers for Christmas gifts. Just in case.
    *Now that the Great Hosta Giveaway is complete (they are thriving everywhere!), I’m out of the plant sharing business. I’m always on the lookout for some Shasta Daisies, though.


  4. Happy you are sharing the pompoms. Try scrunching the dried up seed heads and scattering around the original plant for more fun next year. Miss you. When can you come here for a visit. Do you remember I have some presents for you?


  5. Your sock looks great. I’ve never tried afterthought heels but I like how they look, especially on striped socks so they don’t disrupt the pattern.
    I’m afraid that I do let the weather win. I’m a summer girl, I really dislike winter because of the short, gloomy days and my mood matches them on many occasions.
    I’m definitely a planner with TV time. I rarely watch anything when it’s on TV, I tape everything and watch it at a time to suit me.
    No surprise purchases lately.
    I’m knitting a pair of Christmas socks for Eleanor out of yarn I had left over from Christmas socks that I knit for myself last year. I’m not knitting gifts this year though, except maybe a pair of socks for my dad.
    I’ve hardly grown any plants this year but I do usually. I always grow more than I need and share with friends and family.


  6. I have no idea what “Mia oh it’s Netflix” means or why spell check decided that’s what I was saying!!!
    I meant we watch Netflix or Utube videos.
    I really need to read my comments over before hitting “post”.


  7. 1. No afterthought heel for me. I just don’t enjoy making them and they never fit well. I prefer the heel flap and gusset.
    2.the snow wins a lot with me. I hate being stuck inside the house and I’m afraid of falling outside.
    3. We rarely watch television. Mia oh it’s Netflix or Utube videos.
    4. Not really. I detest shopping. I do need some new jeans and I have no idea where to get them.
    5. Yes. I have several Christmas gifts going on right now.
    6. Not really. I gave lots of rhubarb away though. Does that count?



  8. I use afterthought heels only for self striping yarns. The heel flap and gusset fits my narrow foot the best and knitting it makes me feel smart. Your sock yarns are very autumn looking. Yes – we are having gray, rainy, weather. Generally heat and humidity is the combination that gets me down. The Susan B Anderson pattern Smooth Operator Socks has very good, detailed (with photos) instructions for afterthought heels.


  9. I don’t care for afterthought heels, though on striped socks, they are quite nice.

    I try not to let the weather win, but endless heat or snow really get to me.

    We record our many favorite shows and watch them the next evening, so I guess that is planned. A. watches sappy movies if nothing else is on when she is home. I relish the silence when I am home alone and it is off.

    Can’t think of anything in particular… I don’t shop much…

    Not a lot of holiday knitting, maybe a round of hats for young heads.

    I am still accepting gifts of seeds and plants, haven’t got any to share yet… though I did dig up a bucket of sweet fern from the wild lands we call a yard to give to my sister, who actually paid money for one! I begged her to never do that again, we have hundreds.


  10. 1. No, my brain hurts just thinking about them.
    2. Yep. This heat and humidity is killing me. I am Miss Crankypants.
    3. No TV anymore except a movie here and there. I climb into bed every night with my laptop and watch Netflix. I can’t keep up.
    4. Cat food. Delivered. I am no one of those people. Either Amazon or Chewy brings me my critter chow. Walmart stopped carrying what they like so I didn’t have a choice and I love it showing up at the door.
    5. NOOOOOOOO…..I hate knitting for gifts. What I did was fill up a box with socks I made this year that I don’t need. They can fight over them if anyone wants them. If not, I’ll bring them back home.
    6. My mother and grandmother were so good at that. Their yards were always full of blooms they’s pass back and forth. All the hostas I have here came from their yards-30 years ago.


  11. Do you like after thought heels?
    No. To me, the heel is a bit of a pace marker, so I enjoy working it. Plus, I have really narrow heels, so only a heel flap and gusset fits my heel properly.
    Do you let the weather win?
    I try not to, but it happens. We’ve had one day of sunshine out of a whole week, and the grey is starting to wear on me.
    *Do you plan your television time?
    I’m not really a planner. We don’t have cable, just Netflix, and Youtube, so our viewing is pretty much on-demand – what we want, when we want it.
    *You know that robotic vacuum that I swore we didnt’ need?
    Umm… I bought a stuffed sloth that is just too cute… it surprised me how much I wanted a stuffed sloth… does that count?
    Are you holiday knitting?
    A little. Just some hats and some heavy socks. Some of it already got done with all the fair knitting.
    Did you share any plants this year?
    On my to-do list this week is go through all my seeds and get some sent off… to YOU!


  12. Nice sock! No holiday knitting, tv doesn’t happen much anymore-I like to use the DVR so there is something I want when I can, we rarely have gloomy weather, and yes, I love to share my plants!


  13. I rarely watch TV, but when I do it’s streamed Netflix movies/series. The afterthought heel doesn’t fit my foot well, so I continue to use the heel flap/gusset.


  14. What a joyful color for a sock. They look great.
    I watch very little television anymore and I do plan ahead for what I watch. Steve is more like fireman.


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