What’s your secret?

Here are my new choices.  Not cheap.  I was kind of sticker shocked when I was asked for 50 dollars.  However, these two sock skeins should keep me busy for a few weeks.  I had campfire and October glow in my mind when I chose them.  Both are 75/25 merino wool/poly.  Both have a little heft to them.


This is my current WIP, on size one’s.  They are coming along nicely, but dear Birds of Feather Yarn, I am finding you fiddly.  My new yarns, the On line and the 6 ply Indulgence will be knitted on size 3s I think.   The colors should amuse me as I go along.

Friends are coming for dinner tomorrow and for some reason they don’t think I cook.  How can it be that for years (and I mean years) when we’ve had them over I’ve either ordered a pizza or carry out of some kind, or had Fireman grill.   Well, I do cook and I am making them a pasta dish.

I’m always amazed when I hear someone say, “I don’t cook.”  What?  How does one manage that?  Please tell me.  Does a little fairy come to your kitchen and make you delicious meals?  Do neighbors just drop off meatloaf and casseroles to keep you sustained?  Does your partner grab the pans out of your hands and insist on cooking?  This all sounds very appealing to me.  I must be missing something here……

Have a great weekend, whether you cook or not!


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21 thoughts on “What’s your secret?

  1. Since The Hubby decided to retire, he’s been full-time chef, shopper, dishwasher, and dietician. Before that, I had a very small repertoire of dishes that I could successfully make. If something happens to him, I’m gonna starve.


  2. Nice yarn! That’s what I love about sock yarn, it may cost a bundle but it will keep you busy for ages.
    I have a friend who does not cook. She visits the prepared food section of grocery stores and takes home dinner from one or the other every night after work. She lives in Annapolis where there a plenty of posh stores to choose from. Lucky her. I should say she is 72, still working and never had kids. She and her husband are rolling in dough so that’s a big factor in their life style.


  3. the i don’t cook people must eat out or eat a lot of cereal, sandwiches and canned soup. I cook a few times a week but I cannot cook for two, I default cook for four and that makes two meals!!


  4. My husband and I take turns cooking; most often, he grills and I do the rest of the meal.
    We both clean up afterwards no matter who did the cooking! The new socks are pretty!


  5. How about this, I try not to cook but cook when I have to. I am not a fan but dive in when it is absolutely necessary. Love your mittens and your photos of Autumn in my favorite Wisconsin. I loved the Autumn there so much when I lived there briefly. Here it is still as hot as Hades. Have a wonderful time with your friends, sorry about the Cubs.


  6. Yes, my partner really does grab the pan out of my hands and insist on cooking. That doesn’t stop me from occasionally making my own breakfast, though.

    Tell me about Zauerball Crazy and why you don’t like it. I was thinking of giving it s try because of the ombré effect. But it’s expensive. Is it not fun to knit with?


  7. Beautiful yarn. I love to cook and love to have people over to eat that cooking, but health issues the past few years mean much simpler cooking because I can’t stand to chop, etc. anymore. Very frustrating.


  8. Well, I cook because I love to eat good food. I heard this in the grocery store yesterday and I was similarly annoyed. Who wants to live on takeout or cereal? Whatever! More for us! Lol


  9. Love the yarn! I married someone who not only rarely cooks, she rarely eats what I cook. She lives on yogurt and cereal and eggs. Actually she cooks great breakfasts on weekends. But other than that few real meals. Occasionally lasagna or chicken cordon bleu. And why don’t I cook what she will eat? I gave up long ago. I cook regular food and always invite her to have some. If I make Sunday dinner early enough she might have some of the meat, if it is chicken. I am not sure why she is healthy…


  10. 6 PLY INDULGENCE!! That is my Kathy yarn.
    I only have a few things I cook well. Chili. Thanksgiving dinner. Christmas dinner. Other than that, my cooking sucks, and so I often make tuna sandwiches for dinner.


  11. The yarn you selected is pretty and very “Fallish.” The price you paid is about average for the sock yarn I’ve seen in yarn shops.

    Tomorrow, I’m preparing a pot roast with veggies in the crock pot. A perfect dish for a snowy day, as a storm is predicted for this evening and into Monday.


  12. Oh, Kathi! Sometimes you make me laugh outloud. But you make a good point: How do people eat if they don’t cook? Clearly they know a secret that I don’t.
    Good self-patterning sock yarn is always worth the price in MHO. I’ve never regretted paying $25 for a pair of socks!


  13. Karen, the store is Needles n Pins in Delavan. You can call , Im not sure If they have Miss Babs. THey have some wonderful (kind of high end) yarns. The yarn on the right is: Online Supersocke Colorway : Caribbean .22.50 price. Good luck.


  14. Hi Kathy, lovely yarn. Where is your LYS? Do they have Miss Babs? What is the yarn on the right? It’s really pretty.I just made a crustless pumpkin pie;cut in 9 pieces, each is one point!
    Have a good weekend. Go Brewers. Go Packers.


  15. Whatever you create with yarn and needles is beautiful and I look forward to seeing the result. I know of people who do not cook and I don’t understand it, either. They always eat out, or order in, or perhaps, if stretched, they might put a Costco lasagne into the oven. I’d get very tired of eating like that.
    Today the kitchen is filled with lots of good smells, dirty dishes, and a good amount of chopping as I prepare for our Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow.

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