Do you have a favorite sock yarn?


There is always something to do in the woods and in the yard.  I love this oak tree.  0-1.jpeg

I almost forgot to look up and see that amazing sky view.  Then I realized, I had to take a photo for you.  So here you go.

I’ve been knitting on some socks slowly.  I’m tempted to get to my closest yarn shoppe, this weekend and buy some sock yarn.  Can I tell you what I won’t buy?

*Mini skeins.  They are oh so pretty but I like my socks to be one continuous thread from cuff to toe.

*Gradient yarn.  I think gradients suit me well for a shawl, but not much else.

*Zuberball.  Tried it and just not a fan.  It is too much like string for me.

*I’m steering clear of superfine sockweight. I’ve got a few of those in the stash already staring at me.  I’ve got one on the needles right now.

*I won’t pick Noro for socks.

Gheesh!  What do I like?

I’ll be on the lookout for:  Socks That Rock, Local dyed yarn, Sweet Georgia, and Lorna’s laces.

What’s your favorite sock yarn?


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25 thoughts on “Do you have a favorite sock yarn?

  1. Coming over here from Chan’s. My answer would be Malabrigo Sock. All things Malabrigo, really; their Rios is my go-to for just about everything, Mecha for densely knit warm hats.


  2. Socks that Rock yarn is great and so is Lorna’s Laces. Really I like almost anything for socks as long as there’s some nylon,too, for wearability. I’m not crazy about Noro though.


  3. If you find Miss Babs at a local shop, please let me know, as we don’t live that far apart and I’d like to get me some.😏I love that yarn.


  4. I’m all about the self stripe yarn right now and love it so much!!!! I follow a hashtag on intagram #selfstipingyarn…find lots of new dyers…and while I love to support my local shops, they don’t tend to carry self stripe…I have some Socks That Rock, but have’t used them…same with Miss Babs…just remembered I have a Halloween colorway from her!


  5. I love the photos both of the tree and of you in front of the tree. It looks like a grand old dame. I don’t know that I have a favorite sock yarn. I do like Madelinetosh Twist sock and Opal sock yarns. Must Stash yarns makes great self-striping and I have a few pairs of Classic Elite Alpaca Sox. All of it has some nylon content.

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  6. My favorite sock yarn right now is Manos del Uruguay Alegria. I also like Hedgehog Fibers. I like the thinner sock yarns over the thicker ones these days. I’m in the minority — I like Zauberball. Noro? Not so much.


  7. Your list is great! I do like Tosh Sock as well. So squishy, and the colors!!! Oh my. And my local indie dyer, Purple Fleece has a nice merino sock yarn that I like. Not too thin or thick. And in the big commercial category, Plymouth Happy Feet is nice.

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  8. Thanks for sharing the beautiful photos. We have a great piece of wooded area that is behind our office. Sometimes we like to take a little walk during our break down the path. It’s very relaxing. Enjoy your upcoming weekend.


  9. That’s some tree!!!
    I agree with your list of sock yarn and I would add Miss Babs. I used to hate Socks that Rock because I thought it was too heavy but now I like it. The Indie dyers are my favorites. I don’t know where they get their base yarns to dye but it’s some of the best sock yarn around.


  10. Since I am a no wool person I have fallen in love with Diversity yarn and Naked Sock yarn. I have another one to try,in my stash called Allegro. Feels similar to Diversity yarn.

    I do agree with you on Noro and Zauerball. I have used Lornas for gifted items and do like it.

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  11. I don’t knit enough socks to have a true preference — but I tend to like indie-dyed yarns that “speak” to me somehow. And that tree is amazing! 🙂


  12. I agree with you completely on your list! I think my favorites are Socks that Rock and Wollmeise. I also like the one that you recommended—Something 6 ply–.


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