Mittens finished. Pattern: Mittens on Straight Needles, by Viola Soffe.

Yesterday was so warm and wonderful.  We went to visit Zach and we left our car windows open much of the way home.  I wanted to savor every moment of the warmth. I’m feeling a bit panicked that the weather is changing.

I think I need to get out and walk no matter what the temperature is.  I think a walk around part of the lake would do me some good, today.  I’m going to focus on 3 positive things today.

*I have socks on the needles and they are a go to for me.  Knitting socks is calming to me.

*I have a goal to find a new walking route.  I don’t have a dog to walk, but I feel the need to walk more .   Just to clear my head. Now that paddle board season is over, I may  go back to walking.

*Tomorrow is my hearing aide consult.  I feel too young to be needing the hearing aides, but I should be grateful that I’ll be able to improve my hearing.  Right?

Any positives you’ d like to share?





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20 thoughts on “Mittens

  1. my work week was too busy and next week will be the same. I am trying to be more mindful of the garbage I eat, I also want to focus on more creativity in my life to bring me more joy.


  2. Beautiful job on the mitten knitting!!! They are also a good relaxing knit after socks!
    I am also enjoying our change in weather so I can putter outside in the mornings again!!!


  3. Your mittens are so snuggly looking. You did a beautiful job.

    Think of hearing aids as glasses for your ears. Then it won’t seem like an “old people thing”, it just an aid to help you hear better like glasses make you SEE better.


  4. I’d love to look forward to winter, but D.C. is now back up into the upper 80s/early 90s and facing a record number of days above 80.

    Positive things? Corey is hanging out with me while I type, I’m going to see family and friends this weekend (even if there are many hours of driving before then), and tomorrow is Friday.


  5. Nice mittens! Today’s paper said we had snow on Steven’s Pass yesterday, the earliest snow in 14 years! That’s kinda scary. We’re leaving for choir in a bit for 2 hours of positively fun singing.


  6. I broke down and got hearing aids four years ago now. CHANGED MY LIFE! I highly, highly recommend them. (Please contact me if you want my take on the whole process.) (And GOOD FOR YOU!) XO


  7. Nice mittens! Very nice mittens. Three positive things: 1. Counting down the days until we go see my daughter and family, including the new granddaughter! 2. I got groceries today. I can afford to buy groceries and the job is done for another week. 3. Butternut squash and white bean soup for dinner on a cool evening.


  8. It’s a tough week for positives, but I think it’s a good idea so I’m going to try…
    1. I love dpns! And I am completely puzzled by two-needle mittens — but glad they work for you.
    2. I’m taking a quilting class on Saturday that looks really fun. I’m counting on that to get me through work tomorrow.
    3. Friday night is gallery night in Madison and I have plans to go out with a friend.


  9. Thanks for the share. The mittens look wonderful. We will miss the summer weather, but winter sometimes can be way too cold where we are at. We hope everything goes well with the hearing aides. Plus walking is such a stress reliever and can free your mind, and get the heart pumping. Have a wonderful day.


  10. lovely mittens!

    Hey, it’s “S.H.I.T.” (Sure Happy its Thursday)!! Tomorrow is Friday and then a long weekend!

    I delivered a handspun, handknit baby sweater to a soon to be grandma I work with to deliver when she visits the new baby. She LOVES it, and thinks it will be very appreciated by Momma. Which is good as I have never met Momma.

    I am volunteering tonight at the county organization of my political party, I will be doing data entry so that they can stop calling people they have already called, and focus on those they haven’t. I think that is a win-win, and hopefully means a win for our candidates. 🙂


  11. Beautiful, beautiful mittens. I hope you don’t need them very soon though. Three positives huh? If you read my blog post today, it’s been a downer kind of week so let me think a minute.
    1. packing is almost finished and we leave to go visit everyone in Nebraska this weekend.
    2. I got out of bed this morning.
    3. I have another knitting project almost done.
    Blessings, Betsy


  12. The mittens are fantastic. I think it’s good to focus on 3 positives. I like it! I need it!
    1. I baked a cake that is somehow still making me insanely happy. Like I think about it and I feel kinda hyper and crazy about it. Makes me smile and wanna dance.
    2. I have tomorrow off. It’s fleet week here and I always work and tomorrow I’m going to go watch the parade of ships come through the Golden Gate. Rain or shine, I’m there.
    3. I’m taking a dance class tonight with one of my favorite teachers. She is just the sweetest kindest human and such an artist and supportive of us joe shmoes just trying to keep up.


  13. Those mittens look so cozy, but I hope you dont need them too much too soon!
    Three positives:
    The sun is shining after three solid days of rain!
    Burton belly!!!!
    I have to work my butt off today and part of tomorrow, but then I’m on vacation for a whole week!!!


  14. Life improved amazingly for me when I got my hearing aides! I am no longer the lost person in the room. Now I am part of the conversation, part of the music, part of the action! You’ll love it Kathy, and I promise you will be the only person who knows you are wearing them (except family of course). People still say to me, “Oh I didn’t know you wear hearing aides.”


  15. Bravo on the finished mittens.. they are perfection. My positives are it’s a fair day and I’m off to my Portland Women’s Forum meeting in a bit, the first of the year, will be nice to see old friends. ((hugs)), Teresa 🙂


  16. Those mittens are making me long for winter. It’s still hot and humid here. The only good thing about that is that all the tree guys are out there half naked. Hubba…hubba. That’s my positive thing for the day including the fact that it’s their LAST DAY!!!! Tomorrow I should be able to unclench my teeth and get on with it. It’s been awful.

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