Did you guess correctly?


Miss Pie took her turn at the noise/chimney/critter watch.


Sir Handsomest Fezzik took his turn too.

All of your stories and advice were ……encouraging.  Not one of you said you had to move out.  Not one of you said you got bit and needed rabies shots.  Not one of you told of something flying into your hair.  So Thanks.

I had committed to a long extra afternoon at the barn yesterday.  While I was playing with horses and children, the men of the house did what their genetic makeup lends itself to when it comes to eat or be eaten.  OR rather pay or do it yourself.

Apparently, Fireman called for an estimate to have a pro come out, and they wanted 300 do

llars.  That’s a lot of yarn.  That’s a lot of beer.  So they took on the job themselves.

By peeking through the damper, a feather floated down.  Fireman and Zach got the bird to fall into the hearth.  Fireman had his department gloves on and grabbed the apparently scared to death screaming woodpecker of ginormous proportion and thrust him into a plastic bag.

Then they brought him outside and freed him.  He flew right into the woods.  and Fireman yelled YOU”RE WELCOME.




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24 thoughts on “Did you guess correctly?”

  1. Thank goodness it wasn’t a squirrel. Those critters do a lot of damage in a hurry. Hooray for the men in your family. Firemen always make the best rescues!Now – go buy him a beer and then head to the yarn shop.


  2. Yay! A much better-looking bird than the one that was in my chimney years and years ago. We had an ugly old starling. (It was similarly ungrateful, though! Must be a Bird Thing.)


  3. LOL on Fireman’s yell. I yell that to drivers who I let into my lane and who don’t have the courtesy to wave a hand outside their window to say thank you!


  4. I love stories that end well! If it was a huge woodpecker, it was probably a pileated one; they look just like Woody and are quite amazing. Bravo to Zach and Troy!


  5. Alls well that ends well! So glad the critter adventure has come to an end. Back when I was a single mom, I had bats in my house. I paid to have the house bat-proofed, which was totally worth it.
    I will think of you when I’m in Hungary!


  6. This is an awesome story with a great ending. Your boys did an excellent job! I laughed when your husband declared thanks on behalf of the woodpecker. hehe.


  7. A win for everyone! I had a rat fall down my chimney where I lived in Italy once. Fortunately I had boarded up the opening as it drafted too much air out of the room and I heard it scramble back up the chimney. Was so glad for that covered opening.


  8. Good golly!!! I bet that was on surprised woodpecker. They are big aren’t they. They scare me to death sometimes when they peck on the house.


  9. Since we’ve lived here, we’ve had bird families in our chimney continually. The shoosh of the mother birds coming in with food, and the accompanying chorus of chirps from the babies is a comfort. I’d miss it if it were gone.


  10. LOL at Fireman. That had to be so scary for the bird, I’m sure Mr. Woodpecker is sending thank you prayers to your men right now. Great to see Miss Pie and Fezzik!


  11. Well done Fireman and Zach!!!

    I’m sure the woodpecker will think it over and be very appreciative ……………later.


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