Let’s Back Up


Back up:  So you know a friend gave me her grandma’s unfinished bed cover.  I decided to frame four of the squares. (for her)   So I read this thing about elmers glue and water and I did it. (google it)   I used some yellowed squares for the TEST.  It worked great!

Now to find 4 that are not yellowed and glue them for framing.  As for this one….I guess It will be a nice coaster for us. unnamed-1.jpg

May I say thanks to all who work so closely with Mrs. Claus and gave me links to the places I may find the Pyramid Nativity wedding gift?   I’m looking at all your suggestions!

Back up:  Thank you for asking about my niece.  You know over Easter she busted her pelvis in 3 places.  She had an external fixator (prison bars drilled into your bones) for 6 weeks.  The e fix, as they call it, came off May 14th.  She is still non  weight bearing.  She is living with my sister, her mom until she is recovered and walking.

Some insurance snaffoo means she has to wait two weeks for a walker to be delivered to her.  WHAT?  I could make a walker and drive it to her faster than that.

But she is happy because her littlest sister is home with her during the summer break, (Maria is 11?) and they are close.  She is studying for a CPA certification.    I’m sure it is tough being away from her OWN apartment, job and boyfriend….. but she seems in great spirits.  Prayers, good wishes and karma are much appreciated stiLL!!


Back up: Last year I threw 99 cents worth of cosmos seeds into the ground here and was richly rewarded for WEEKS with colorful blooms.  This year I tossed a dollars worth from a packet into a container.  LOOK  !!  I keep them close to the front door, and so far none of our deer or bambi babies have come that close to munch.

Last one …

Back UP: We were at a soccer game last night at Miller Park.  Our friend Effy, came with us.  As we were in the truck going home, she realized she lost her phone.  Someone picked it up when Zach called it, and they waited for us to come back and retrieve it.  People can be so good.  Mr. Rogers was right.

WISHING YOU a snappy new day!


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16 thoughts on “Let’s Back Up”

  1. How great the ideas you came up with for the lace squares. Glad your niece is on the mend. Yeah, I would just buy her a walker or send her one from Prime.


  2. Glad for the update on your niece! One of our choir friends just broke her pelvis; sounds like she’s going to take a while to heal. Fun idea to block those pieces and easier than sewing them together maybe? I’ve only seen pink and purple cosmos before; love your red ones! Hope your weekend is going well.


  3. I’m so glad your niece is feeling better and keeping such a great attitude. So glad that the phone was found. Great people indeed. I think there are more of them oot there than we are led to believe these days. I love the squares. What a wonderful thing to do for your friend.


  4. You are full of news today! Your poor niece, I hope she gets her walker sooner than that. I’m glad you decided on a good idea for the crocheted cotton, I’m sure your friend will appreciate the efforts. Have a fab weekend! ((hugs)), Teresa 🙂


  5. Good news all the way around. I like your solution of framing four squares for your friend. And the little coaster looks great on the table.


  6. That all sounds like great news! Well except for two weeks for a walker though I suppose that helps keep her non-weight bearing


  7. Thrilled to hear your niece is recovering so well. Tell your sister to go to the nearest Senior Citizens Center for a walker. Many are donated to Centers and they and other medical equipment are available for minimal rent.


  8. I recently had a similar issue with my car keys. They fell out of my bike pack when I had to turn my bike over to replace a popped chain. Someone found them, called the local grocery store (my reward card had some useful info) and the grocery store called me to tell me my keys had been found. I didn’t even knew I lost them. The gentleman met us at the car park for the bike trail and returned my keys. Yes …. there ARE some good people out there.


  9. Love all the happy stories! I remember as a kid—we would blow up a balloon, soak cotton yarn in a glue/water mixture, put it around the balloon, and then when the yarn dried (and was all stiff) we popped the balloon. And I think we had Christmas ornaments, but I’m not sure. I may have to try this!


  10. All good news/progress! I’ll keep the prayers coming:)
    My husband once lost his work phone on a trip to Home Depot. We called it for a day and finally someone picked it up. He must have sat it on the car and it fell off in an intersection. The guy who found it met him at the Home Depot. He wouldn’t take anything from my husband. He was happy to get the good karma that comes from doing the right thing:)


  11. We have been lucky when Rudi has misplaced his cell phone in public places (not so much when he lost it in the woods; I still swear there’s a family of bears streaming Netflix with it). I’m glad your niece is in good spirits and I am frustrated on her behalf that she’s being kept from the next stage of mobility by a paperwork error. Is there anywhere near her where they will loan medical devices? Or does she also need to wait for the training on how to use the walker?


  12. This is a great potpourri of happy stories…so encouraging that your niece is a) doing well but more importantly b) has such a positive outlook. She’s an inspiration and her courage and fortitude are most admirable; surely, your sister/other family members, you and your dear mom laid the foundation. Best wishes for her continued successful recovery.


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