July 11th 2 facts and a question


So Regina sent me images of the scarves she is knitting for charity .  I think someone will love them.  I like the pink one most.  She is a very productive knitter.  She’s right up there with Nancy and her charity knitting.  Well, Judy too!  So many of you knit for others who you’ll never see. 


I’m starting this shawl today.  The yarn is morphing from the you know what blanket to this shawl.  I love that it is stockinette.  Now to pick the three colors I wish to use….out of the 6 I had going in the other. 

Bloggy pals I want to give a one tiered Christmas gift to A new bride and her husband . 


I like this one.   Does anyone know of a Christmas store that is open all year that I can shop for online?  OR call?  







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  1. I have a knitted (machine) wrap that has those colors or close to them – more grey than blackish blues…enjoy your new knitting project and good luck with finding your wedding gift.


  2. I love that little Christmas thingy. I just looked at the ones they have on Amazon and they are $$$$. I am going to give myself one of the little Swedish angel chimes for Christmas this year. My grandmother always had one and now you’ve made me want one too!


  3. I agree with Karen, Bronners is a year round Christmas store. It’s a fun place to shop. The shawl is going to be gorgeous in your LC yarn.


  4. Bronners is a great store. Kathy Wolfardt is another online store that has those pyramids. Lovely gift.


  5. Roger’s Christmas House in Brooksville, Florida You might have to call them though. They have a Facebook page, but don’t appear to have a website of their own that you can order from.


  6. Those are really cute scarves. I just took nine baby blankets to the crisis nursery on Monday. I’ve been collecting the sample size shampoos, conditioners, etc. that you get at hotels and having all of my friends do it too. I had amassed quite a collection and I usually send them to an Indian reservation for hygiene kits. However they told me that they didn’t need them anymore. I called a local homeless shelter and they were happy to accept them. I think I’ll put this on my blog next time I post to give people an idea of an easy way they can help others.
    What a cute little gift. Unfortunately I’m no help to you today on a place to purchase one. 🙂 I hope you’re having a lovely day Kathy.
    Blessings, Betsy


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