I love the button that Sue sent me in the swap.  It is now part of my  newly knitted clutch.  I’m going to block it and perhaps…line it.  The pattern is the LYDIA bag.  I’m going to amend the second clutch  that I’ve already started.   The yarn was koigu.

I know we are all OVER THE MOON about the Thai boys and their leader being rescued.  We are praying for them with the rest of the world.  We love good news don’t we?  We need good news!  I admire all those who come together in the clutch to help others!



Among the things Zach returned from Chiapas with, is this very cool chess set.  It is a beautiful work of art.   The facebook post from the friends he left there, were so sweet.  and some were funny.  and I really hope some of them come visit us one day.

If Zach needs to buy a car, I hope he gets a manual transmission.  I love the clutch and aren’t I clever to figure out some clutch themes today?

Zach said he was seated in the emergency exit part of the plane on the way to the USA.  I said I’d ask to move. I’m horrible in the clutch.  (altho I did do cpr on my neighbor without missing  a beat, but that doesn t count)  I’d be so nervous I”d never get that door open. Seriously, have you ever asked to move?  I honestly would.


This boy is going to enjoy a big nap with Momma me, when I get home from the barn this afternoon.   I suspect he was the one that clutched Tank’s woobie toy and brought it out to the family room last night.

How are you in the clutch?



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21 thoughts on “In the CLUTCH”

  1. Crumpet is also adorable! Tup was a great name. When my other cat, Frankie was awol one time, my little nephew asked me if I would change Tup’s name to one cent now that she was the only cat. He was such a thoughtful kid! Frankie turned up so didn’t need to decide. 😉


  2. Love that clutch and the way it matches your beautiful clematis. Just yesterday when we were out to dinner with a friend we asked to move away from an huge group that was having so much fun we couldn’t hear each other, and that was a first time we ever did that. That is some chess set; do you play?


  3. Gorgeous clutch bag you knitted! I bet it would really be nice if you’d line it. That fur boy of yours is so handsome. Tell us more about what your son is planning to do. Have a wonderful week. ((hugs)), Teresa 🙂

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  4. The button and the bag were meant for each other. In the clutch – usually I can do what needs to be done and fall apart afterwards. The clematis is gorgeous too.

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  5. The clutch turned out so sweet! You can easily line it -it will hold its shape better in use that way! I would not be able to sit in the emergency door row-I couldn’t man handle the door but we sit there when DH is with me cuz the row gives you more leg room! lol

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  6. Thanks for the share. We love the button that Sue sent to you. It’s really beautiful. Fezzik is simply just handsome. He looks so great in his up-close picture. Hope you had a great nap after all the hard work at the barn. Have a great day.


  7. The button and bag go together so perfectly! Nice job! Me in the clutch. Hmm, rarely tested, thank goodness. I did call the emergency vet clinic without thinking years ago when Tuppence the cat woke us from a dead sleep yowling in pain. That’s about the worst of it, thank goodness.

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  8. I would hope that in the clutch I would step up and do what had to be done. (At least I THINK I could). I have been in the emergency row and I’ll tell you ……..If we need to get out that door, it’s gonna open if I have to launch myself through it. I’m gettin’ outta that plane!!!!

    Love that photo of Fezzik. He is such a photogenic cat.

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  9. Beautiful clutch! Beautiful chess set (really, really love that)! Beautiful Fezzik!!! So handsome.

    Kathy – I’m going to e-mail you the gazpacho recipe I use…..


  10. My Mini, God rest her little car soul, is a clutch. I’ve always driven a clutch. At the moment she is in the driveway with her tags off. I am going to have to either donate her or fix her soon. I can’t stand seeing her like that.

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