Friends ……the BEST


This is my friend Regina’s first log cabin blanket finished.  Isn’t it awesome? 

Did you notice I can say Log and Cabin and blanket again?  Time heals all wounds. Even USPS knit wounds.

Regina and I met because her husband and Fireman are cycling friends.  Our husbands spun  their wheels for years together  before Regina and I ever met.  

Now I’d say we have launched our own relationship.  Isn’t that fun? 

A few of my thoughts about friends:

  • you don’t have to knit to be my friend, but you do have to let me knit when we meet for coffee or the like.  And you should ask what I’m making and not ignore that I’m knitting.  We don’t have to dwell on it, but cmon, it is the wooly mammoth in the room after all
  • there is something wonderful about sibling friends.   Michelle, I love you.
  • you do have to appreciate my knit gifts to you and I do want to see you wearing them in a photo or even in person. I’m needy like that.
  • you get that I go to the Wool festival with you, but we will lose one another during shopping and find each other at the frozen lemonade stand
  • blog friends are unique and not really pretend.  When  my mother lived and died, you all rallied behind me and I’m forever grateful
  • all my friends loved my mom.  They remember her style, her laugh, her cigarette in one hand and diet pepsi in the other.
  • my high school friends are just 3.  and me.  High school was a long time ago. 3 friends from the 1970s through thick and thin.
  • my McDonald work days are also from the 70s.  I have a couple of friends from those very fun days.  And FIREMAN who is my best friend who i met working under the golden arches.
  • my friends know they can call me  or text me 24/7 and I’ll pick up the phone.
  • I put a lot of energy into my relationships with friends naturally.  I have a blast with them, and then I pass out.  Laughing, discussing, debating, listening….I give it my all.
  • I am most happy when i forget what i was going to say to a friend, because I was truly listening to them and not waiting for my turn to talk.  I grew up in a loud house where everyone fought to be the story teller.  So for me to be a good listener is something I still practice.
  • Do you have some friend thoughts you want to share?

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16 thoughts on “Friends ……the BEST”

  1. Friends are unconditional and accept you for who you are, even when crazy stuff is comin’ out of your mouth. Friends are those you can pick up with after not seeing one another for a year.


  2. Kath,
    Thank you very much for appreciating my knit work and especially my friendship. Of all the couples we know, you and Troy are the first couple which Pat and I love being with together. You are so easy to love.
    So many of my best friends from grade school, college and the parish have died, that I am happy to have new friends. I always thought we would all live to be old ladies; I am in shock that they died so young.
    There are three things that last, faith, hope and love, but the greatest of these is LOVE.
    Love you!


  3. My college friend contacted me (she lives in texas) and imagine my surprise that she was in my town and could she come for a visit like -right now-. I said yes and had a lovely afternoon catching up. We don’t write much to each other and she calls sporadically. We ended up picking up where we left off the last time we talked 🙂


  4. Ok, I had to laugh at the needing to have the knit gifts appreciated, because you are “needy that way” it made me laugh because I think all of us who create are “needy that way”. We speed lots of time creating and it is always nice to know that what was given in love is appreciated, I totally get that. Love your friends knitted log cabin. I keep saying I am going to do one of those one day…but that day has yet to come. I also love what you said about blog friends. Sometimes, you don’t have to see someone face to face to touch their heart or make a difference in their lives…that is what is cool about friendship.Wishing you a lovely day. 🙂


  5. I am glad you have such good friends. I don’t have a lot, but some of them have been around since the grades…which means more than 50 years!! It is hard keeping things going, as you say. There was one who was our glue, and since she passed away nearly 9 years ago, it has been harder to keep in touch. But thank goodness we see each other on Facebook!


  6. Interesting post, Kathy! True friends are the ones that when you meet, even after a long time apart, and you pick up like it was just yesterday.I feel very fortunate to have met some special friends through blogging, and one of them is YOU!


  7. GOOD friends are really hard to find and you will go through hell and high water for them. THOSE are the ones that matter.


  8. I have a few work friends that I see every few months but that is it. My high school friends and I went kaput with the introduction of Facebook into our relationship. I never realized what racist a-holes they were so I had no need of them in my life anymore. I never was big on friends. I’m always doing something no one else in the world is very interested in so there’s that. Blog friends are the best because we share a common interest. I can’t find that in real life. I’m an odd fish around here.


  9. I enjoyed your thoughts on friendship. I’m glad we’ve surpassed the “pretend” category into the “real” one. LOL! I still have a friend from the 7th grade. I don’t have a ton of friends, but a few really good ones. Enjoy your weekend! ((hugs)), Teresa 🙂


  10. I’ve learned that friends and acquaintances are vastly different. Maintaining long distance friendships is hard work and a two-way street. I reluctantly let go of some because I felt like I was the only one who wanted it.


  11. I am happy for you to be so rich in friends!
    I have a friend that lives far away now but when we talk or get to see each other (a few times a year) the miles mean nothing and we are right where we left off. I am pretty isolated now with the boys….I miss a good visit with girlfriends. And knitting ones would be super!

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