Everyone Stay Calm

I need my knitblog pal karma.  The log cabin blanket I sent to Al on June 2nd has yet to arrive. Tracking shows no movement since June 8. It was mailed in a long USPS box.  I have been working with our post office.

They are “shaking some trees” as Steve my new personal postal person says.  He says they rarely lose things.  I’m trying hard to let it go.  Next step is to send him a photo of the item.  

Steve prides himself on having a good track record. He takes it seriously. He has told the powers that be , that this was a handmade gift to my daughter that took months to complete. 

So let’s send out great karma today, call on St. Anthony, burn some sage or do whatever you do when these things happen.  I’ve NEVER lost a package with USPS. 

Here’s a calm image to help us all stay calm.     Lake Geneva around sunset last night. Fireman wanted to go to the lake and go to the lake we did. It was beautiful.



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17 thoughts on “Everyone Stay Calm”

  1. Sending positive vibes your way. I’ve had things go missing with the USPS and I have to say they have a great track record of tracing things and finding them. I have no doubt they will find the blanket.


  2. Oh dear. My blog friend Kathy here in Oregon sent a handmade quilt to her son and it n.e.v.e.r. made it and she had to make a whole new one. I do hope yours makes it there. ((hugs)), Teresa 🙂


  3. Oh no. Say it isn’t so. I have had good luck with the USPS and I’ve shipped lots of packages in the last three years or so to kids and grandkids. I hope they find yours soon. Steve sounds like a helpful man if he sent out the word that the package was a hand made gift. Keep us posted.


  4. Oh no! I’m sorry that your blanket has disappeared. I definitely will be praying that it will be found soon. I don’t think they normally stay missing. I mean, where could it go anyway?


  5. Oh, it is out there. I t might be stalled or mis-delivered, but it is there. I just hear a Moth Radio Hour story about a Christmas package that got misdelivered, and what the family went through to track down the proper recipient. I know that the blanket will find its way to AL.

    Was it insured? they won’t want to pay yu for it, so they will find it. 🙂


  6. The USPS package system is greatly overloaded these days! Amazon Prime is stressing their capabilities to its limits–so much so that around here, packages are often delivered by our mail carriers on Sundays. I’m sure it will turn up. Crossing my fingers for you!


  7. I have confidence that the USPS & Steve will find and deliver your package. I had a quilt waylaid once for a long time. It went east instead of west. Once it was located, it was rerouted without a hitch.


  8. I paid for priority mail for a swap thing and the po said it would take 2 days. It took 7 business days! So I feel pretty confident Al will come home to find it on her doorstep soon!


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