Summer Wishes


Encouraged by AJ from Countdownto95. I am making a list of summery goals.  Wishes.  Nothing to fret about, just some thoughts. If her young class of students can do it , so can I.

*Visit the National Weather Center in Norman Oklahoma

*Visit Al in Oklahoma and meet her friend Katie, who sounds amazing.

*Clean the barbeque grill  (they can’t All be fun!)

*Sleep on the screened porch once.

*Clean the screens on the porch .

*Go to a concert with Zach when he is home in July.

*Keep up with the weeds.

*Try paddleboarding.  This one is kind of Fireman’s goal.  I’m not sure…..but I said I’d try .

*Continue to maintain my weight.  I waver within a pound of my target goal and this is a daily effort.  This means, tastes of summer treats. Not whole servings.   Boo hoo. The County fair may make this difficult!

*Take photos for the barn at this weeks event and next weeks event without stressing.

*Finish the log cabin blanket I’m knitting.

*Hold a successful swap.

*Read one book. Don’t laugh!  I prefer knitting to reading.

*Keep up with haircuts at Greatclips.

That’s it .  It will be fun to see if I do these.

Any goals, even one for you?




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25 thoughts on “Summer Wishes”

  1. Thanks! I am going to try an audiobook this summer, that’s a new goal and an attainable one!! The only book I ever listened to was COLD SASSY TREE and I loved it. I listened to it while i walked on the treadmill after my son was born…27 years ago!!


  2. Try audiobooks!

    I worried when I started knitting last year about not ever finding time to read again, but audiobooks made it possible though not all are as enjoyable as actually reading the book.


  3. great goals, sorry they aren’t all fun!

    We are trying to enjoy summertime more this year, now that A is working for herself, often from home, instead of traveling all the time. But there is so much yard work to be done, and so getting away for more than a couple hours at a time induces guilt…

    Sleeping on the porch is ALWAYS one of my summertime goals, I love doing that, but not on work days. So that limits the options.

    I do have a general knitting/spinning goal to use more than comes in. Right now I have mostly big projects on the needles, so that makes it a really tough goal to keep, until I finish something, I can’t count it as used up. And I belong to a fiber of the month club, so 4 ounces comes in like clockwork. No time for anything else, lol!


  4. I loved reading your goals and they made me smile. I remember sleeping on the screened porch all summer long as a child in Iowa. So much fun!
    I can’t think of any goals except not to let the summer slip by without doing something unusual for me, whatever that may be and also to try to be meaningful of my time and to use it wisely to benefit others. Of course losing weight is an ongoing goal and it’s happening SO slowly. 😦


  5. Nothing written in stone, but I would like to knit/stitch more than I buy. So far, I’m not doing so good on this goal. 😉 We went out today for lunch (over in New Jersey). Steve took a different road home than when we went and all of the sudden we were in Pennington. I smelled yarn. LOL

    We HAD to stop at the yarn store. I had never been there. Then they had a skein of sock yarn from an indie dyer that I have been wanting to try —- Shirsty Cat.

    So …………..purchases were made.


  6. Your goals look doable.. good luck! I want to deal with a pile of clothes in my antique baby cradle in our master bedroom. And tidy up my “nest” around my easy chair. Sell a spinning wheel that I don’t need as I have 2. ((hugs)), Teresa 🙂


  7. I am heading up to Tomahawk today. We have a screen porch. One of my summer goals is to sleep out there!! I wish I was a pound from goal.🙁 Oh well. Happy summer


  8. I always try to read at least one book over the summer. I’m not having any luck finding one. My library doesn’t have any of the ones I want and I am too cheap to buy them.

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  9. No goals for moi – just trying (and pretty much succeeding) to enjoy each and every day (despite ALL the rain). Sending you all summery wishes. Enjoy!

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  10. Those “summery” things are all intriguing and looking like fun…and doable. My numero uno is to make the most of each day, spending it on a combo of things I like and some,”would rather not do.” Have you tried audio books? You can read and knit or sew or paint or drive or take pics of the horses or wash dishes, etc…I bet there may even be a knitting cozy mystery…or two, if you like that…which reminds me that I have some library homework info to do for you! Oops; sorry, it fell off my radar! To be cont’d…


  11. Goal: get the house really really clean, for once.
    Love all your goals. I’ve paddleboarded a few times. It is fun but it makes me nervous. Go somewhere where you won’t mind falling in the water. Which means, probably, not in Lake Michigan!


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