Baby Birds and Log Cabin Knitting


We have baby robins!  I was helping Fireman cut the grass when I saw a nest .  I wasn’t tall enough to see into it, so I just poked my finger in hoping to feel eggs.

It felt like raw chicken.  YUCK.  Fireman came over and took this photo.  They are kind of raw robins ….. I love babies so I’m excited to see the activity from a distance.


The apple orchards are in bloom. The bees must be busy.  Birds and bees…and

log cabins.


I’m on a mission to finish my log cabin and

START ANOTHER.  I enjoy picking the colors as I go.  Yesterday I bought sale yarn at the shop in  a totally different color scheme.   Blues, raspberries and purples.  I am also awaiting a book on log cabin patterns. I want to change the second one up.

These blankets take time, but I love the look and enjoy the process.  I may treat myself to winding the new yarn today before we head to the barn for volunteering.

Oh and I returned half the yarn from the Poncho Please.  So that cut the cost of the new yarn down.  That dang yarn doesn’t know what it wants to be.  I’m ready to rip the last shawl attempt out.

Feels so good to have a knit plan I’m excited about.  Lucky you, you get to see me crawl through another blanket.   Do you mind?




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15 thoughts on “Baby Birds and Log Cabin Knitting”

  1. Yay for baby birds. It’s funny how they’re born totally bald and naked and then get fuzzy. You’re patient with blanket WIP’s. I get anxious after 2 feet.


  2. Your log cabin blanket i wonnderful ad I enjoy watchcing anything that you like to knit be made. That’s what it’s all about! 🙂 The baby robins are wonderful. Such a great picture and you get “front row seats” to watch them grow. How fun.


  3. Naked baby birds.. not the cutest things but they’ll get cuter. You can knit anything you want and I will be happy to watch it grow.. it’s your personality I come here for anyway. 🙂 ((hugs)), Teresa 🙂


  4. Oh, the babies are so sweet. I hope they are warm enough, that fuzz is useless as insulation!

    The blanket looks great, and I am HAPPY to watch you knit another. So much easier than knitting my own. 🙂

    Love the apple tree. Ours aren’t ready for bees yet, but the wild cherries and pears are in bloom. they bloom first of anything, telling us spring is here.


  5. Thanks for the photo! The picture of the quilt is great! did you see my post yesterday about using book covers for inspiration for color? Well not my post but one I stole from somewhere.


  6. Those baby birds need more feathers lol.

    Log cabins are fun to do. You are correct…..they take time. Looking forward to your next one too.


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