Finish: Picot Edge Scarf

Pattern by Morris and Sons.  unnamed.jpg

This very fun to knit scarf/shawlette is off the needles!
It is fair to say that garter and I made peace with one another this time.

I did not do the picot bind off.  I did a regular bind off. 

Using one skein of Gypsy Girl Creations yarns (by Stonebarnfibers) in Calypso (color 2002) and almost all of 400 yards.  It is 100 percent superwash merino wool .

Knitted on size 4s. Cost : 34 dollars for the gradient yarn.



She’s about 60 inches tip to tip.  You can wrap and wrap and wrap her around your neck.  You can wrap once around your shoulders.


It was a lovely easy relaxing knit.  I loved only have two ends to weave in. One start and one finish.  Oh Gradients, you can be wonderfully easy.  This is a great pattern for a gradient I think!


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26 thoughts on “Finish: Picot Edge Scarf”

  1. That scarf looks like so much fun to wear. I look at gradient yarns all the time. Maybe time to try one soon. Great finish and I am glad you made some peace with garter stitch.


  2. Twinnie has a point about the colorway, you know.
    I’ve always had trouble with picot edges, but they sure are pretty.


  3. Good question. YES. A picot edge bind off requires more yarn in the end. The pattern , in its original state, talks about weighing your yarn to make sure you have enough to finish with the picot edging bind off. ‘!

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  4. Gorgeous! A question, though – if you had chosen to do a picot bind off, would you have had enough yarn? Or would that have meant stopping sooner? Just thinking about what yarn I have and how much, to make it!


  5. Absolutely gorgeous! this pattern is moving close to the top in my queue. I love patterns like this for road trips and/or knitting with friends when I don’t want to think to hard. Now to find the right yarn (hopefully in my stash!)


  6. I love it. It would be perfect for wonkily dyed handspun too. I’ll have to queue that pattern up for sure.


  7. Bravo, Miss KathyB! That is gorgeous! That is going to be a real prize of yours, I hope. I wore my pink shawl to a memorial service today. I have to get my matching hat done before we go to Victoria BC! ((hugs)), Teresa 🙂


  8. Your yarn color looks SO rich.

    That pattern went right into my queue. I have a skein of gradient yarn in my stash just like Deborah!


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