Spring Chickens


I’m ready to be finished with my gradient Picot Edge Shawl, but I think I’ll be knitting on this baby another few days.  I do like the look.  Push on push on.


We had a day that held the promise of change and Spring yesterday.  These are our brave tulips.   Yesterday, we heard frogs peeping, saw goldfinches getting their pretty yellows on, and got stuck behind a farmer’s tractor.  All good signs of the Spring that must arrive.   But, um, snow is in our forecast for the weekend.  We can do this friends…..


Finally, the now infamous Sr. Jean, from Loyola University at the age of 98 made it to the chilly, er freezing, Cub home opener.  She threw out a pitch.  She smiled.  She’s no spring chicken either…(sorry I had to)



Author: compassionknit

I've moved from irisheyesknitters.blogspot.com to compassionknit.wordpress.com on Nov. 7 2016. It is still me! glad you found me

14 thoughts on “Spring Chickens”

  1. You saw gold finches? That’s our state bird and not once have we seen one in our yard. Love the shawl, and loved seeing it finished. Bet you wear it a lot; it’s beautiful.


  2. spring is for sure a fleeting memory…our blue sky/sunshine/too hot -85 – temps are gone today (Sun 4-15) and the weather people have the nerve to mention the word “snow” showers….tbc…


  3. Love the shawl 😍 I hope you model it for us when it’s finished. The Picot edge is perfect! I like to add this whenever I can 😊
    We had a 50 degree temperature drop overnight 😫 And tonight it’s supposed to freeze. There go my lovely cherry blossoms 🌸 Spring really doesn’t deserve any awards this year


  4. I’m having Shawl Envy–it’s lovely and so wearable. I wear my shawls a lot, especially in restaurants and when visiting. I’m always cold.

    Yesterday, we hit 80. Today, the bottom fell out this afternoon and we are at 41 with a miserable rain. But, while it lasted, Spring felt glorious.


  5. Love that shawl! You are almost there.

    We have some of those same signs of spring, yellower gold finches, tulips and day lilies popping up, the neighbor brought in fill and graded the road. But freezing temps predicted all weekend. Thankfully the precip is gone until next week when we get whatever you send. Hopefully the ocean will warm that to rain!


  6. *LOVE* the shawl! You will have to model it for us with your denims. Your tulips want Spring to come.. lol. We’re having cold rainy weather.. I’m ready for some sun and warmth! ((hugs)), Teresa 🙂


  7. The shawl is gorgeous!!!
    It is almost 80 here today and I’m thinking it got hot too fast. It was nice this morning but now, I’m missing the cold.


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