Sit, Knit, Sit, Knit, repeat


Fireman needed to get out of the house yesterday.  Winter is making lots of people have a little cabin fever.  In the grand scheme of things, this too shall pass.  So he offered to take me to a yarn/coffee shop over an hour away.  I love this guy.  I said , “yes!” 

This was my sock yarn purchase.  (named FUNFETTI!) Yup them’s sparkles. And it is washable wool! !WHEEEE.  If that doesn’t brighten a cloudy , cold March day, I’m not sure what will.   True to my strict knit nature, I’ll not start the socks until my current WIP is finished.  This skein was 30 dollars.  That’s a lot of money isn’t it?  


When I walked in, this lovely lady took off her headphones ,when I glanced at her spinning,  and began to talk to me.   She was so excited about what she was doing.

She’s using a SUPPORTED spindle.  I need all the support I can get!  She learned to spin while in New Zealand on a trip.  See how the spindle sits in the little bowl on her lap?  This type of spinning looked easy.  (haha.  I know it would take me a class or two or three)  

Spinning is on my list.   PERHAPS, I’ll take a class someday.  I’m not ready yet. This lovely woman likes the spindles from SPANISH PEACOCK, in Maryland.  They have a lovely website.  

Watching her spin was a treat.  She made it look easy.  For now, I’ll knit, and sit, and think about spinning some day.

And who are we kidding?  It would be a great excuse to have a pair of angora rabbits. only live once.  And Spring, and rabbits and all that….

So that’s on the someday list! 





Author: compassionknit

I've moved from to on Nov. 7 2016. It is still me! glad you found me

22 thoughts on “Sit, Knit, Sit, Knit, repeat”

  1. The wonderful Roxanne once sent me a bag of roving and a spindle, after she had no luck learning to spin. My luck was no better, sadly. Fortunately, one of Hannah’s friends is a fiber fiend, and I could forward everything on to her.


  2. So many wonderful creative things to see, learn, do in this world. Those $30 soon-to-be socks have my head spinning! Gorgeous yarn…when done, wear in good health! Thanks to Fireman for your little “road trip.”


  3. I remember the first time I went to MD Sheep & Wool being mesmerized by all the folks sitting on the grass spinning on little spindles. It was hypnotizing to watch. I thought I would do it, but alas, I don’t think so now…and I don’t really need another hobby – lol.

    That Fireman is a keeper – taking you to a LYS. Love the yarn you got – so aptly named! Enjoy knitting with it.


  4. Wow. A coffee shop an hour away? That is hardcore. That spinning looks really fun. I have a spindle buried somewhere in my closet. I need to practice but would love to take a class too.


  5. Fireman is a wonderful enabler. Just like my Dennis. 🙂 Oh my, I love that sparkly sock yarn. And yep, it’s a lot of money, but how often do you spend $30/skein. I usually get mine from Knit Picks at around $10.99. But, when I go to an independent yarn store I always buy something because I want to support them. I can’t sit up and use a regular spindle, but one a a bowl? Maybe I could do that. I don’t need anymore hobbies though. I always find such lovely, friendly people in yarn shops. Fun!


  6. A couple of gals in the local guild do supported spinning at guild meetings. It’s fun to watch and it does look somewhat effortless, but I know better.


  7. CABIN FEVER…I GET IT. They just changed our forecast to more snow and colder temps after tempting us with almost 60s for the weekend earlier in the week. I could just die.

    Instead, I decided to cast on another bigass project a little early. And feel sorry for myself.

    Your Big Bucks Yarn is quite pretty, and way less care and work than Angora bunnies. (But bunnies! I do love ’em.)


  8. What a wonderful guy your husband is! That yarn is truly special and I look forward to seeing how it looks when you get to knitting on it. And a splurge on yarn is a good thing occasionally. ((hugs)), Teresa 🙂


  9. Kathy==I hope you’re feeling better today! I’m sorry that March is so filled with memories for you. Spring is coming! It really is!!


  10. Cabin fever is an epidemic by the first of March. I finally took myself to the bookstore one afternoon just to get out of the house after cataract surgery.Funny I have been thinking about finding a class to spindle spin. Supported spindle spinning looks more comfortable that the traditional method too. Have fun with that yarn. My Gram taught me to knit and to buy the best yarn I could afford.


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