Sweaters that take forever


unnamed.jpgThanks for waiting for Wednesday Words instead of Tuesday Text this week!  This will be a part knitting, part reading post since I finally finished a sweater that I cast on (according to Ravelry) in December 2016 that I intended to finish by Christmas- Christmas 2016.  I was apparently feeling VERY ambitious.  So here is is February 2018 and it is finally done! I think the hold up was that it was a sweater knit in one piece in alpaca so by the end it was so heavy and hot. This is the Beatrice Cardigan by Carrie Bostick Hoge in Blue Sky Alpaca Extra in Carmine.  The yarn was lovely to work with and I would use it again, my LYS has a green color called Marsh that I am oddly attracted to, but I don’t think I’ll be making a whole sweater out of it again because it was so heavy.  It was super easy to finish but I still think it needs a little blocking to make the neckband stand out.

I love sweater knitting but they do take a long time.  I have a beautiful Mrs. Crosby yarn – Hatbox in African Grey- that I would like to make a gansy out of next. But I also need a quick finish so I think I may cast on a shawlette or wrap this week. Any suggestions?unnamed-1

As my mom reported I took yesterday off from posting because it was Galentine’s Day- the day for celebrating lady friends!  So I thought I’d use this post to give a plug to one of my favorite books about female friendship: Attachments by Rainbow Rowell. I love all of her novels because they contain such relatable, likeable characters.  Also, most of her books, this one included, take place in Nebraska, and I appreciate another flyover state getting some attention as a real place where people live. Attachments is a semi-epistolary novel told partly through e-mail exchanges between friends Jennifer and Beth, who work at the local paper in the late 90s. I love Rowell’s depiction of female friendship because it is realistic in their support and love for each other, but also their occasional fights and disagreements. Also, Jennifer is married and Beth is single, which I feel like you don’t see a lot in pop culture but obviously happens in real life. Highly recommend if you need a light read to get you through winter!

On my bookshelf:

  • Crossing to Safety by Wallace Stegner
  • The Light we Lost by Jill Santopolos
  • The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern (reread)
  • The Music Shop by Rachel Joyce

15 thoughts on “Sweaters that take forever”

  1. I love the sweater Al. The alpaca must be warm because others in the place of the photo are wearing jackets with faux fur on them. Congrats on your finish. You knit far more sweaters than your mom. My mom and I wrote letters to each other while I was in college in OHIO. When I reread them they seemed so ordinary they were dull. I wish I saved some, now that Honey is gone. Because life is more ordinary than not, and I would love to hear her cheerful voice in those letters.


    1. I have several letters that my Mom & I exchanged when I was living in Japan. Like you mentioned, they seem dull and ordinary, but that’s exactly what I needed at the time. I kept her letters and she kept mine, so I have the full set. They are fun to read.


  2. Love your sweater! It is beautiful – lovely color, great design. It would be great for taking a walk in some brisk weather if it is that warm. Cute kitty photo too. Your book recommendation sounds like fun – will have to check it out (I’ve never heard of the author or the book).

    I (finally) finished the body of Sigla and started the first sleeve last night – am loving it. And, am still reading “The woman Who smashed codes” – so good! Happy Galentines Day a tad bit late.


  3. I wish I had the “staying power” to finish a sweater. I fear mine would take longer than yours. Although, seeing yours makes me really want to knit one. You know how that goes.:)
    Thank you for the book recommendation. I am adding it to my list. 🙂


  4. Bravo on the sweater finish.. it’s gorgeous! I love Blue Sky Alpaca Silk.. I’m about to cast on to do a patriotic colored hat and scarf using it. I have to google knitting cast on.. I did it once and liked it but don’t remember how it goes. ((hugs)), Teresa 🙂


  5. Great sweater finish! It looks very nice on you as well as toasty warm. Your kitty is very cute (and extremely privileged to sit on your new sweater!) I love your reading comments!


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