Because you can always change your knit friends say so


One of my favorite lines from The Sound Of Music is when the Baroness looks down upon the grounds of Von Trapp land where the young Maria is walking , and says to the Captain, “there’s a girl who will never be a nun.”

Well, here’s some cotton yarn that will never be a sock.  I tried. I tried more than once.  Different needles, different patterns, and yet I still was not landing my knitland double sow cows, so to speak.  Fear not!  Olympic sock knitting continues.


This yarn is dreamy.  Schoppel Edition 3 made in Germany.  100% wool.  I think I will knit a ripple pattern for the body of this sock.  This was intended  to be shawl yarn.


I had fun making Valentine’s from the horses to their generous sponsors.  I took all new photos, had them printed at Walgreen’s and got my markers out.  Many of the issues I was having at the Barn office turn out to be the COMPUTERS problem afterall, not my ineptitude!  Sounds like they are working on fixing the computer they ask me to work with.  Phew.  Sometimes you don’t know enough to know.  Then you learn.

Wondering where Al is today?  Well, she has a fab knit finish to show us tomorrow. She is having a friend over tonight and she will take some photos for her post.  Al calls today, Galentines Day.  Have you heard of it?  You celebrate your gal pals and how much they mean to you.  You are all My Galentines.  I *heart* you all.

And for the few men who read this blog, you are my pals too.



Author: compassionknit

I've moved from to on Nov. 7 2016. It is still me! glad you found me

18 thoughts on “Because you can always change your knit friends say so”

  1. Sounds like your sock yarn has been talking to MY sock yarn. Sometimes they just don’t want to behave. Hopefully your new sock yarn will be executing those salchows just perfectly.


  2. Love the new sock! Very pretty! Those Valentines. Oh. My. Heart. They are beautiful horses. I can see why you spend your time with them. Thank you for being such a dedicated volunteer.
    My package arrived yesterday and I love it all. Thank you so much to you and Al for the beautiful gifts.


  3. Ha! I wondered where Al was…I had forgotten all about Galentines Day. I love your horsey valentines – so sweet and so kind of you to make them.

    I just ordered cotton (and polyamide?) yarn from Simply Socks to try to make socks for my friend who is allergic to wool. I hope it works because they should look like watermelon!! And, of course, I had to add a few “other” things to my cart… I really like your intended shawl-but-now-sock yarn – very pretty.

    Happy Galentines Day and Valentines Day to you!


  4. Oh my goodness.. you did fabulously with the Horse-atines! Sorry your cotton yarn didn’t work for you. I got some cotton/linen blend yarn which is very neat. ((hugs)), Teresa 🙂


  5. Life is too short to knit with yarn you aren’t loving (when you don’t have to). Glad to see you’ve moved on to something else that speaks to you.

    And I love your punny horsy Valentine’s cards.


  6. Wise woman. Some yarns just need a different project or even a new owner. I love the idea of Galentine’s Day. New idea but lovely.


  7. I’ll bet you started a new Valentine’s tradition with such a fun way to say thank you, Very clever! That shawl yarn should make a very pretty sock. Sorry that the cotton yarn misbehaved though.


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