It Takes All Kinds




There’s snow everywhere here.  I give you no photos of little beautiful shoots coming up from the ground.  To those of you sharing your photos, I want you to know you bring this knitter’s heart hope when you share them.  Cause we have months to go here.  Months.

Despite my hesitation, yesterday, Fireman and I walked out on Lake Geneva to speak to the fisher folk.  The wind was howling.  The thing that usually looks like a lake now looks like an unpaved parking lot with trucks and shacks dotting the whiteout.

See how the sky is almost the color of the snow?  Does it sound like I’m complaining? I’m really not.  I’m thrilled I did not fall through the ice.  Fireman laughed at me.

When he said: Look the trucks are driving on it.  I thought, well now they’ve weakened the ice.  The fisher folk told us the ice was 16 inches thick….in places.

That “in Places” part was what I paid attention to.  My logic was this: IF a truck just went over the ice, it is surely weaker now and full of cracks.

These fishermen said they caught 30 something perch last weekend and a walleye. I find it fascinating.  I don’t have any intention of sitting on an upside down bucket in the cold, doing what I love to do: Knitting a sock.   But, some people, live for this.

Next weekend, we plan to go to our first WINTER KITE FESTIVAL on another nearby lake.  I’ll watch from the shore thank you.

I’m so glad I lived to write another post, and knit another day.   Happy Winter Olympics!


Author: compassionknit

I've moved from to on Nov. 7 2016. It is still me! glad you found me

21 thoughts on “It Takes All Kinds”

  1. I like to fish – and perch and walleye (though we call them pickerel) are my favourite. But there’s NO way you’re getting me out in this weather ON ICE to fish for them.
    I’m enjoying all this beautiful snow from the comfort of my livingroom.


  2. I’m not a fan of winter or winter activities. My body doesn’t deal well with cold temperatures, especially subzero temperatures. Walking on a frozen lake is scary because of the noise the ice makes. I’ll stay on the shore, thank you very much!


  3. I’m amazed you walked out on that ice.. what an adventure! It’s sunny here and 50 deg! There are buds on the Star Magnolia and the Lilac bushes. The evil weatherman said we might have freezing weather again.. but I refuse to believe it right now. ((hugs)), Teresa 🙂


  4. My son in Michigan ran a 5k this morning in that weather and then had to come home and shovel. Y’all are nuts up there in the north!!


  5. The one Winter we lived on Lac La Belle I was fascinated by those fishing shacks. I did not venture out on that lake but a much smaller one as I felt that one surely had frozen. I do love Winter up north, it has a stark beauty that you miss when you see green year round.


  6. Not enough cold here for ice fishing, but I’ve seen it in Vermont. I spent the day with Dee…yarn shopping, sipping coffee and knitting. It’s raining and flood warnings are out for the next 36 hours!


  7. I’m glad the ice “held” too. I don’t eat fish. I can’t imagine fishing on a good day and I really wouldn’t sit out in the COLD for them. LOL Now put a YARN STORE out there and I’m all OVER it.


  8. I love winter but I don’t think I will ever ice fish. I prefer a walk on solid ground. I am glad you survived to write another post. Take good care up there in Wisconsin.


  9. Brrrrr! Our lakes here are always “freezing” cold, but they don’t freeze.The one good thing about rain is you don’t have to shovel it. Stay warm!


  10. I went to high school in northern MN. There was a lake on the north side of town. Every winter someone (the highway department?) plowed a road across the lake to make a shortcut to town for folks on the far side of the lake. Although those who had always lived there thought nothing of it, my heart stopped every time I rode with someone who took the shortcut.


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