A QUICK thing or two…..

unnamed *I made granola yesterday. I used Pioneer Woman’s basic recipe.  I cannot eat it right now, I have to stay with SOFT foods, but Fireman loves homemade granola.  It is  one of those things that is so much cheaper made at home.  Do you make something at home that saves you a bundle?

*My sister and I decided NO NEWS coverage for 24 hours.  We think it will be good for both of us.  Do you take a news fast?

*How’s your Christmas shopping coming?  Yes, I know it is January.  There are great deals out there folks!  I have purchased 4 gifts already at greatly reduced prices.


*I was pretty unhappy last night when I came upon a KNOT in my yarn.  As in, they tied two broken ends together and kept going ,kind of knot.  This meant, for me, tinking back to the beginning of the row and cutting the yarn . Then I rejoined at the row edge and kept going.  I felt if I didn’t do this, the whole gorgeous shawl would unravel someday.   (Do you join your yarn on the edge of a row? )

  • Speaking of that, Some of my gum stitches fell out yesterday. The others are barely hanging on.  I guess I’m healing quickly.  I was told they may fall out; I see the oral surgeon for followup and stitch removal Friday.  Knots, when you dont’ want them they are there, when you do they fall out….

*I was able to find out that because of the donor material placed in my gum socket, I cannot give blood for a year.  I was happy to hear this  as I thought it might mean I could never give again.

*In cat tooth news, Miss Pie is letting Fireman brush her teeth every night.  She actually likes it.  I keep her poultry flavored toothpaste far away from my mint flavor.   Neither one of us would like to switch our flavors accidentally.

I’m off to the barn for class.  Winter Session is  in full force for our amazing students.  I think it is really important for everyone to get out a bit this time of year…..it is good for me, too!




Author: compassionknit

I've moved from irisheyesknitters.blogspot.com to compassionknit.wordpress.com on Nov. 7 2016. It is still me! glad you found me

20 thoughts on “A QUICK thing or two…..”

  1. I no longer give gifts at Christmas, but I used to look for bargains throughout the year. Yes, a often take breaks from the news or pick and choose what I want to see or read. I do not like knots which is why I wind the yarn into balls before casting on so I’m aware if I need to contend with a knot while knitting.


  2. The earliest I can shop for Christmas is September, for some reason. I think if I bought gifts I would lose them! Glad to hear you are healing. If I find a knot I tend to just try to weave in the ends as best I can. I’m impatient.


  3. Glad to hear that you are healing up quickly.

    I think almost ANY foods you make at home will end up being more economical. But, I guess the biggest for me is if I would make my lattes at home. I haven’t done it so far, but I know it would cost less at home.


  4. Are you volunteering on Saturdays now? I agree, knots like yours make me crazy. For some reason I seem to find them more often in balls than skeins/hanks. Once a long time ago on a GS campout a friend and I accidentally got the shaving cream (used on the outside of cooking pots to make them easy to clean off the soot) mixed up with toothpaste in the dark. Yuck! Another time on a campout when all the ingredients were packed in bags someone used the dish soap instead of flour in the pancakes. Double yuck! Funny memories! So glad you’re feeling better!


  5. I guess I don’t shop this early because I worry about duplication: what if the person ends up getting himself or herself something identical or similar to what I’ve already gotten as the year goes by? Then all I’ve done is given him/her/me an errand.


  6. Your granola looks fabulous! I haven’t made that for years.
    I’m not sure I could do 24 hours without news (even though it sounds like a healthy break). As a former reporter, I’m addicted to news. It wasn’t really a problem until Trump. I worry that my brain is being twisted by the constant craziness coming out of the White House. Will I go into withdrawal if we ever have a sane president?


  7. I have two gifts already, but I actually bought them last year. So much fun tooth info, and of course knots you don’t want in your yarn and knots in the stitches you do want. So many things to think about.


  8. Knots in yarn are the berries. I am glad your mouth is healing. I have been making vegetable stock at home and never buy soup. I don’t know if it is less expensive but it sure tastes better. I also pop popcorn in canola oil. And yes, I think we need to get out a bit this time of year. Last night I went to book group. It was a lovely nourishing evening with good friends.


  9. glad you are healing so well! Soon you will be eating granola and thinking nothing of it.

    I join wherever it makes sense for the garment. I used to only join at the edges, until I made my first sweater in the round. There are no edges! So I inferred that if it is OK to join wherever when knitting in the round, it is OK to do when knitting flat. But lace and color work might find me joining at the end of a row.

    CHRISTMAS PRESENTS? Not yet. Anything I bought now would wind up as a birthday present anyway, as most birthdays in our family come before Christmas.


  10. I’m so glad to hear you’re healing faster than anticipated. Good girl! Knots! The last pair of socks I made had four, count them 4!!!!! knots in one skein. I was NOT a happy camper.
    Fireman’s granola looks yummy..We arrived home late last night and had church early this morning. Now we’re playing catch-up with mail, laundry etc. Not fun leaving our girls at all.


  11. Funny that you said that about the toothpaste. We keep Pup’s chicken flavored tube and her brush in the bathroom and I can’t tell you how many times I have picked up her brush thinking it was mine. Ewwww….


  12. I had a big smile over the idea of switched toothpastes! lol
    I am a news hound but hardly watched it all of last year because of the boys being here-the news is not a tv show for them. I was too busy for the 5 weeks they were home and I think I have been weaned but good. I function just fine without all the drama and lies….


  13. My husband is super frugal (which is good because I am not) so he usually makes his own whatever we are into at the time: kombucha, kimchi, granola too… until he starts complaining about all the work. 🙂


  14. I want to make some homemade granola. My neighbor has given us some and it’s awesome. This Costco one is good but it’s hard. I don’t want to crack my crown work. I’m sorry you’re still dealing with stitches. I know how it feels with hanging threads. Last May I had to have stitches in for 3 weeks. I was barely eating.


  15. Continue to heal fast…think it’s interesting about your gum filler and that Miss Pie likes to have her “tooth-ems” brushed.Sorry about your shawl but I think you did the right thing!
    Out today ‘cauee it’s been a tad warmer – high 30s – and we’re supposed to get a couple inches of snow tonight…just enough to slow things down a bit. As for the news, I’ve listened to my car’s radio one time in over a year – no sense in being annoyed while I’m driving…and I try not to hear the news until the evening…and then sparsely, at best!


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