Seeing the Future


When you knit on a shawl and the rows get longer and longer, you don’t have tons of progress photos.  (but I’m loving the process anyhow)

Throwback to our old yard in Illinois.  Neighbor Mary, on the left.  Zach eating snow, Huck in the pack, and Allison enjoying …….WINTER .  If I could have seen the future, I’d not have believed it.  I prefer life with surprises, or I accept that it is a path of surprises.

Seeing Hucky was extra sweet yesterday.  It was warm enough for Fireman and I to walk a bit at the Lake.  Dare I mention that some crazies were out on the ice/near open water, fishing?  Anyhow, someone was walking their senior golden, Riley.  His sweetness overcame us.  I asked Fireman yet again, Can we get a golden? He said yet again, no. I know better than to push this issue.  In some ways, I don’t even want to. The path is full of surprises, some good, some that stretch and pull us ….like it or not.

I am so disgusted with the news.  I have always admired Dick Durbin and I knew he’d give us a truthful account of words said and sentiments felt after a White House meeting yesterday.  If I could have seen the future, I’d not have believed it.

What can I do?  I can keep volunteering to make my little world a better place, I can try to mend family fences, I can reach out to those who are hurting, and I can pray. I remind myself, the President is not God.  I can look for the light in these dark American times and I can hope that the people who feel as I do, will prevail.





Author: compassionknit

I've moved from to on Nov. 7 2016. It is still me! glad you found me

16 thoughts on “Seeing the Future”

  1. I am not even a little surprised at your disgust. You’ve even got the word “compassion” in your name, and these statements lacked compassion entirely. So worthy of our disgust.

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  2. I keep telling myself that good will prevail and that God’s timing is perfect, but my patience is wearing thin. I appreciate good people stepping forward (Durbin for one) and confirming what was reported and refuting the denials and outright lies of He who Tweets. I pray that 2018 will be a year when level-headed people, regardless of party, will speak out for what is right and decent.

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  3. It is so easy to become disgusted and discouraged with the daily barrage of news. We must all maintain hope and optimism for the future. We cannot allow those *others* to bring us down.

    I am spending time each day just thinking about (and sometimes writing about) what I am grateful/thankful for and am also reading some soothing quotes to help calm me down.

    I love that snow picture.

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  4. I am making a conscious effort to curb my news intake, because it was making me crazy. What happened last night, though, has me firing off e-mail after e-mail, and making call after call today. Please, God, help us here.

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  5. I likewise have been overwhelmed with disgust and quite frankly, shock. I know I should no longer be shocked, but I suppose my shock was that only one person stood up and spoke out immediately. That shocks me even more. And with silence they have condemned themselves. It is a dark day for our nation.

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  6. Great post, Kathy! I concur with the previous comments as well. Each day seems to bring a worse Tweet which is more embarrassing than the previous ones. I never thought I’d live to see someone like him as president either. We just found a photo of DH’s family where you can easily see the gene that makes our Max such a thin little fellow.

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  7. I haven’t read my news feed for some time now. It’s so depressing with all the murders being reported and with all the telling of the President’s behavior. I follow a few Golden Retrievers’ accounts on IG. I do love those floofy puppies.

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  8. What a sweet photo of your kids, Huck and the neighbor girl. They all look so happy.

    I am just so appalled by the news anymore. Every time I think Trump can’t go any lower, he DOES!

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  9. thank you for sharing the photo of the kids, snow and pup…I live here in Wash DC and we are bombarded all day everyday. I just cannot believe these times…absolutely dastardly. But I guess this is what money and greed gets us.I shall refrain from describing the “what.”

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  10. Loved your old snow photo. Now.. why does Fireman tell you no on a golden? If you want one, I’d think he’d support your desires? As for being disgusted by 45 and his horrible statement about “shi*holes” – how low can he go before the people who could remove him will act? On January 20th there will be many Women’s Marches – in Portland, Oregon there will be a “Impeachment March” gathering in front of the Portland Courthouse. I’m going to be there, even if I can’t march I’ll be there for the gathering, with my pink pussy hat, a new pink rain jacket and a new pink umbrella. We have to make our feelings KNOWN. ((hugs)), Teresa 🙂

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  11. I was just thinking today if we life had a mantra it would be “you never know”, my life certainly has been full of surprises, which I know means your life has been full of surprises all well. Loved all the pictures of our old pets 🙂

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  12. You are a good soul adding to the good out there in your world, which is our world. It’s good stuff, Kathy B. Do the work, keep the faith. I know I’m grateful for it. Golden retrievers are sweet hearts but I find myself following a lot of cat accounts on Instagram and Twitter. The boys are concerned, but hey we all mitigate in our own way. xoxo

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  13. Alas the news is so depressing. I pay very close attention to my time with the news and the time of day. It is heartening to be part of this community of women who put good into the world. I like the snow day photo.


  14. I tap dance around the news and try to knit after watching or reading it. You are making the world beautiful and I am grateful for it. The world is nuts and I’m hoping one day saneness prevails eventually!!


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