Olympic Plans


Hello, I’m Kathy’s stash.  To be fair I’ll  have to  include the newly acquired Anzula yarn that is shown below.  And in the spirit of fairness, There are 3 skeins of the Mares Blue (3rd row top) and 2 skeins of the candy blue below it.  There are also two skeins of the gorgeous Paint on the far right . and  I don’t count the yarn that is already on a WIP.  and I certainly don’t count leftovers from completed projects in half skein amounts.

So I consider this stash to have 16 full skeins in it.  That’s it.  I like to keep the stash at a minimum.  I am blessed to have full access to in person yarn shops, as well as my favorite on line yarn shops.

I’m not bragging.  I admire all of you with amazing stash numbers. I really do. For me, I’m an impulsive knitter and I enjoy buying the yarn and getting right to it. I cannot display my skeins because of a number of felines who would get into it in no time.

I’m SO  into the Candle Flame shawl, I’m ready to cast on another as soon as this one is finished.  See below: and note I did not spend 37 dollars on a skein of yarn.  This score came from a 40% off sale.   So I paid around 21 a skien.  This is my Olympic knitting plan.



I’ve been meaning to tell you that Zach has some amazing photos on instagram.  If you wish to enjoy them he is : zbfotografo .  Enjoy!

Can you believe it ?  We are a few weeks away from the OLYMPICS!  Al sent me this link this morning: enjoy!!!!  Are you planning  your Olympic knitting?


Author: compassionknit

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22 thoughts on “Olympic Plans”

  1. Nothing wrong with having a small stash – most of us with big ones are usually feeling bad because we have more yarn than we can knit and there are some really pretty skeins just sitting there!


  2. I know this is heretical but I’m just not a huge olympics fan. I do like that male figure skater (he looks like a former student) so I may have to watch just for him.


  3. I like your restraint. I made the mistake of buying a skein here and a skein there. I don’t mind that for sock yarn but for other weights, it’s not smart at all. I don’t think I’ll be watching the Olympics as we don’t have regular TV nor cable. I don’t know if Roku will have it, maybe only highlights.


  4. No Olympic knitting plans for me…I’ll watch some, but not a tone of it. I do like the figure skating and ski jumping. That’s a mighty small stash!! I’m thinking I’ll be adding to mine in a couple of weeks (Dee and I are going to meet up at a LYS – YAY!!).


  5. No Olympic knitting plans for me either, but I will be knitting, you know that Make Nine 2018 list? I gotta get working on that because, you know…ooooo, shiny! I need to make that! Hahahaha


  6. Your stash is so beautiful! I am so impressed you only have 16 skeins in your stash. I wish I had a stash that small, but maybe after I figure out all the weights, I’ll be able to knit up and get rid of the stash:) What are some of your favourite online yarn stores?


  7. My desire is to get my stash to a place like yours. The only stash I want is sock yarn. I need to move the rest out. I’m working on it. I think you have the right idea my friend.


  8. Good work on corralling your stash; I should follow your example! (Yesterday Stella said, “You sure have a lot of yarn!” And she didn’t even see all of it. Love that Candle Flame but am still resisting. Some day! As for the Olympics, I hope we can get in on our antiquated tv; I succumbed to Jimmy Beans Olympia project, not that I needed anything new to try.


  9. That’s amazing. I’m embarrassed at how much yarn I have. Most of it was bought on sale at Michaels and JoAnn’s but I do have about 10 skeins from Knit Picks. My goal is to knit my stash this year unless I HAVE to buy a specific yarn for a project. I’m looking forward to the Olympics and pray all goes smoothly for the games.


  10. Whatever stash size you are comfortable with is perfect. Mine is larger than yours but when I read about other peoples stashes I think mine is quite tame. I think I will finish my wrap before the Olympics start, I have had no time to work on it, my life has been crazy busy with work. I hope to start a sweater and just work on it during the Olympics, no rushing, no need for a fantastic finish, just knit.


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