Fun And Only Fun

DSCF5455.jpgFun Thing #1.  I pitched the other shawl pattern.  I was having panic going near the thing.  Fireman said I’d never studied and written more than knitted, on a project.

Then I found you, Candle Flame shawl.  We are a perfect match. Dean Crane thank you for creating this pattern almost 20 years ago.  I’m 100% in love with the knitting.

If you care to compare, the shawl start in my header photo was the frogged shawl.


Fun Thing #2

You’ll have to copy and paste this link but it is short and worth it.  If you missed this one on the Huffington Post in December 2017, it is not to late to enjoy it.



Fun Thing #3.  The horses are snugglers in this weather.  I love Sharon, the black horse and I love Bear, the chestnut.  Apparently they love each other too.

Fun Thing #4 .  I caved. You all gave me post tooth pull permission to buy yarn. I found Anzula at 40% off and decided I must have it for another Candle Flame Shawl.

Fun Thing #5.  Would you like me to teach you my bread tips?  I could do that tomorrow.  While I’ve told you, in the past, I cannot bake cookies or cakes, I can bake bread.  I’m fearless.  I’ve been baking bread since I was in high school.

Just let me know.  Any fun things going on by you?



Author: compassionknit

I've moved from to on Nov. 7 2016. It is still me! glad you found me

22 thoughts on “Fun And Only Fun”

  1. So glad you found your sweet spot and could resume knitting! The Candle Flame shawl is lovely…looking forward to a “model” when done!
    I used to bake bread, decades ago, starting with a sour dough starter…Do indeed share your tips and EXPERTISE…I luv, luv, luv bread!
    Happy Monday!


  2. The guy in the HuffPost article belonged to the same knitting group I did — Not Your Grandma’s Knitting Group. Sadly, I never got the chance to meet him. We went on different nights.

    But, I totally know the Starbucks he is talking about and the yuppies are a pain in the behind!


  3. Loved the article-thanks!
    I like your knitting plans; the new shawl is indeed beautiful! I’m glad you are feeling strong knitting on it! I love to bake bread, too-cookies, etc don’t thrill me like good, yeasty bread!!!!


  4. Please, please, please share your bread baking tips. I am the “cookie lady” but have never mastered baking bread. I think all of your knitted projects are just beautiful. I am a quilter but never learned to knit beyond the scarf that everyone made in Home Ec back in the dark ages. Enjoy all the projects you share.


  5. Love that new shawl! I need to find that pattern. Glad you’re working on something you love, too. Oh, and good job on the yarn purchase; you certainly deserve it! Sounds like you are healing well, I hope so! Hugs.


  6. Your new shawl is wonderful! I’ll have to look up the pattern when I get home. Yes to the bread tips. I’m having a lovely time with Piper. She and Papa are watching Mary Poppins while I catch up on blogs this afternoon. I fear I’ve missed some posts but I’m having too much fun to worry about it! 🙂


  7. The new shawl pattern looks so pretty and is a great match for the yarn. Hooray. As for bread tips, why of course. Every now and again I make bread sometimes it is great an sometimes not. I like to blame my failures on the weather/humidity.


  8. I’m uber impressed with your new shawl design.. it’s terrific! Now that I’m low carb I have to pass bread and to be honest it makes me slightly suicidal to give it up. ((hugs)), Teresa 🙂


  9. There you are! Thanks for stopping by at my place.

    Loved the HuffPo article and finding his blog as well.

    That stitch pattern is lovely, but I can see it is far above my skill and patience right now. All the more for you then, right? 😉


  10. How is it possible I missed that Huffington Post Article? I read it everyday. Love the new pattern, you always have my permission to buy yarn. I bough some today well I was going to run out of the old I am using. I made myself run in, grab the yarn, pay and run out, no looking anywhere else!


  11. Fun? Well, kinda. You may have heard about the special election on Tuesday in WI State Senate District 10. That has been occupying ALL my time — phoning, door-knocking, updating our web page, recruiting volunteers. Keep your fingers crossed that we can flip this seat from red to blue!


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