Let the Vest Love Continue

unnamedI’ve started another.  This is Illusion in Malbrigo Rios.  It is not as purple as it looks in the image.  You’ll see as I progress.  I cast on for another vest, FOR ME, again , last night.  

Did I tell you that Fireman found a pear tree on our property last week? Full of little pears. They are delicious.  Seems apples that grow wild with no “spraying” get mothy and are best for the animals.  These pears, although small, were so sweet and juicy.  They had no worms in them at all.  I gave most of them to the horses who were eager for a pear treat.  I am contemplating planting another pear tree here.  I love the idea of unsprayed fruit that we can enjoy.  

Pear trees are not entirely new to us.  Our old neighbors had some very old barely alive pear trees in their yard.  The pears would fall into our yard, but were broken, eaten to some extent by the huge squirrel population in that area, and generally a great way to find wasps eating the pear flesh.  

We have almost no squirrels up here.  I think the abundance of hawks, fox and coyote, keep them at bay.  So I think we could successfully have more pear trees. I was truly thrilled he found this tree.  

Finally, another thing about living in this area.  Seems EVERY church I pass has a COOKIE WALK in December.  Yikes. Must stay away.  Would LOVE to go to all of them.  Well, maybe, I could go to one Cookie Walk…..YES, YEs, and then quickly give the boxes away.  At least they do it in December here.  Back in Illinois they did it in October.  My sweet mom’s gone and she used to keep them in her freezer so I couldn’t get at them before 12/24.  I’m shameless about eating cookies.  Frozen, thawed, fresh, hot……I have no control.  How about you?






Author: compassionknit

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13 thoughts on “Let the Vest Love Continue”

  1. I think I mentioned once (or a hundred times) that I live in a former apple orchard so it was easy for me to gather up 150 apples a day over the summer and take them to the alpacas. Well, we have one small pear tree mixed in with the apple trees (there are still about ten left, apple trees, in the small park by my house) and often I would take out three or four pears in addition to the apples. They pushed one another out of the way to get to the pears, especially the boys!


  2. I love the thought of having pears in my own backyard! I love pears. I didn’t know horses enjoyed them so much though. How fun.
    The yarn for the new vest looks yummy. Since purple/lavender is my favorite color, I wouldn’t even care if it was as purple as the picture shows. 🙂
    A cookie walk. I’ve never heard of it. Is it like a cookie exchange? I, too, love cookies in any shape or form. I also have to try to stay away this year.


  3. Mmmmm….cookies. They are my weakness too. I allow myself one a day with a big cup of tea at 3pm to fight off the before dinner munchies. Every year I vow not to make Christmas cookies because there is no one here to eat them and I end up eating them all like the Halloween candy and the donuts. I always cave in though. I can’t even send a tin up to the MIL since she passed at Easter. Drats….


  4. Cookies? Well, it depends if they are soft or crunchy. I prefer softer cookies, except ginger snaps, which have to be crunchy. My weakness is for frosted sugar cookies. Yummy!


  5. That’s cool that you have a surprise pear tree. We have 3 of them here on our farm. That yarn will make a fab vest and will go very well with your denim shirt! LOL! Is a cookie walk like a cake walk? Those are fun. I’m on low carb now so all I can have is a low carb cookie.. not 100% delish but better than nothing. ((hugs)), Teresa 🙂


  6. I am a true cookie monster!! I have a dozen chocolate chip in the fridge now and two dozen sugar cookies in the oven. They will have icing and sprinkles because that’s the way Bill likes them. I can give up a lot of things (like Coke 2 years ago–cold turkey) but the cookies must stay!

    I love the Malabrigo! I have that color in stash along with a hunter green left over from a sweater a few years back. Just give me Malabrigo and I’m a happy knitter.


  7. I’m trying to find a vest pattern for myself so I am jealous!
    I grew up eating pears, plums and apples off my grandma’s trees and they were unsprayed and fine:) I don’t think there’s anything better than fruit you pick and eat. Actually my dog used to leap up and pick a piece of fruit and then lay down and eat it right there:)


  8. The pear tree is a lucky find. How delicious. The yarn is pretty. Malabrigo dyes the prettiest colors. Cookies are my preferred dessert but I want them made with real butter and high quality vanilla. I am afraid I am a bit of a cookie snob.


  9. Hi Kathy,
    My brother, Jay, lives in Rochester Mn on a virgin prairie and has over 100 apple trees of different varieties that he grafted onto stock. He feeds the apples to his friend’s bison herd. I’ve heard their meat is delicious because of the apples! Wish you could see how the bison come running when they see my brother arrive with the bushels of apples. I love visiting Jay in the country.
    Love the purple yarn. Please tell me where your pear tree is located on your property. I can still see your place in my mind.


  10. The squirrel population in Minneapolis where we lived was overwhelming. They loved to take one bite out of everything in the garden. Here in the woods they have lots of normal squirrel food — acorns! by the ton! — and the predators keep the population in balance.


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