A Good Finish

DSCF4604.jpg(Taken late last night….so sorry for the fuzzy photo)

Same vest, different lighting.  I love the finish.   The color is truer on the right. This is the  Knitting Pure and Simple Basic Cardigan Vest for Women.  The Yarn is Coco by Malabrigo Rios.   The buttons, ironically are called coco too.  I love this pattern.  It used 3 skeins of the yarn for my bust size of 38.  I don’t envision me buttoning it up all the way when I wear it, unless our heat is out!!

I will admit that my favorite part is the endless stockinette stitching rows.  I really have to start thinking and measuring once the back is finished.  I am starting another one right away.  (This time in Malabrigo Rios :  Illusion colorway.  )

I can wear vests without the itch factor and that is crucial for me.  I know I will wear this one for a long time to come. The yarn is buttery to work with and blocking it before adding the button bands was the KEY for me to succeed.  Nancy gave me good tips about measuring for the button holes.  Thanks NANCY!  I, also,  owe my yarn police some donuts.


Also, thank you all for standing up for me!  I laughed at your responses yesterday  and I know you all have my back. WOW !  I could feel your love.


*Because it needed to be done,  because I don’t want Fireman to do it with a broken rib, because it is not difficult just dirty: I cleaned out our gutters.  This was a first for our marriage.  It made me appreciate Fireman a bit more. Winter’s coming and stuffs got to get done!   The sun was shining and warm despite temps in the 30s.  As long as the sun is shining I don’t mind the 30s …….really!





Author: compassionknit

I've moved from irisheyesknitters.blogspot.com to compassionknit.wordpress.com on Nov. 7 2016. It is still me! glad you found me

19 thoughts on “A Good Finish”

  1. First of all. You braved ladders to clean out the gutters? I’m terrified of heights so you have my admiration for that. I’m sure it drove Fireman nuts.
    And second of all…I love that vest. You did a wonderful job on it and it fits perfectly. I can’t wait to see the new colorway. It shows how much you love it to cast on another so quickly. I’m working on an endless knit right now with loads and loads of stockinette stitch.


  2. I think your brown vest looks perfect with your denim shirt. In fact, I do not believe ANYTHING clashes with denim. That nurse was not only rude and nasty, but she knows nothing about color combinations and fashion sense. I hope next time if she is there and says anything similar, you say “I’d like to talk to your supervisor, NOW!”. And proceed to tell said supervisor how this woman treated a customer. That kind of thing is verboten in front line customer service and she needs a proper reprimand. ((hugs)), Teresa 🙂


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