unnamed-2.jpgI I feel like it is a really slow go with the Log Cabin, but I am pleased with the progress.  I get about one and a half colors done in a evening sitting.  I make those garter mistakes and have to tink back.  

I’m trying to look at each row before I go on to see if I’ve missed a stitch.  Why can’t I do that one easy thing?  

unnamed-1.jpgKara and I made a good yarn trade.  Look at the gorgeous handspun she sent me.  It feels delicious.  I see a  hat!  It is “rustic” as she said in her note. I love rustic.  

Side note:  I volunteered in the class which is made up of deaf children yesterday at the barn.  Gosh it was quiet . I LOVED it.  I talk too much because I feel like I have to keep a conversation up.  Im usually tired after.  Being a better listener has been  part of my everyday goal for YEARS.

I came from a loud loud family of 6 kids and 2 parents and 1 grandparent. IT was chaotic always.  The only time we all shut up was in church.

I distinctly remember being told to be quiet on family vacations in the car.  I didnt know I was a chatterbox.  We all interrupted each other and finished each others sentences.  When my family met Fireman they thought he was mute.

It is my nature I guess.  It was so relaxing to watch others communicate.  I was fascinated.  There was no pressure to join the conversation.  I just led the horse.

So …… quiet.  Thoughts?


Author: compassionknit

I've moved from to on Nov. 7 2016. It is still me! glad you found me

19 thoughts on “SHHHHHHH”

  1. There is not enough quiet in my day. I am always talking at work and Little Buddy talks non stop. My husband has to have the TV on, sports or news most of the time. If I am home alone I have absolutely nothing on, it is perfect.


  2. Lovin’ your Log Cabin…keep on knittin’…I imagine coming from a family of 6 kids one had no choice but to keep on being chatty, Kathy! Sometimes when my sister and I were yapping incessantly, my mom would tell us to “give it a rest,” – she didn’t say it in those exact words…more like: “you are just talking to hear yourselves talk!” We got the message.


  3. lovely log cabin quilt in the making! I think I could be in a group and not have to talk 🙂 If things feel weird I talk more and more. It’s kind of crazy! I like when the conversation is balanced.


  4. Leading a horse around for deaf children to ride must be so rewarding. What a wonderful place to volunteer. Your Log Cabin looks great so far. Love your color choices.


  5. Love your log cabin blanket, and it’s growing bigger! I sure agree with those of you about noisy restaurants where even if you like to talk it’s hard to hear anyone. For me, it depends on my mood and also what I’m doing. If I’m doing something difficult, I need quiet, for sure.


  6. I used to work at Gallaudet University (my first teaching job) and many of the students in my pre-school and most of the aides were deaf. It was a shock to my system when I went to a regular school. The noise level was hard to get used to.


  7. When I was little my mom and I would drive to our camping site together. She always had a certain spot that I had to wait until we reached before I was allowed to talk. Lol, I guess I talked a lot, but now I don’t.


  8. Love your log cabin – beautiful shades in that.

    I need peace and quiet every single day. My best friend Leslie is a talker…nonstop. Decades ago after being out bar-hopping we were heading to the beach in the wee hours of the morning with 2 more friends. Leslie and Nina were in the back seat and Leslie was talking…nonstop. Finally Nina said “Leslie, please shut up!” Leslie’s response? “I’m trying but I can’t!” We still laugh about it.


  9. Quiet here. If the conversation depends on me, it lags. Fortunately, my husband is an extrovert 🙂

    Re: garter stitch mistakes. Do you have a double-ended crochet hook? They are made specifically for dropping back a column of stitches in garter. I have several — send me your addy and I will mail you one.


  10. I love the autumn colors in your log cabin blanket. As for being talkative.. it’s all about balance. I think it’s very important to have the floor for a while but definitely one needs to stop and listen too. Conversation requires both people having a chance to express their opinions. The worst offenders are people that never stop to listen and their eyes glaze over when I begin to talk.. and they can’t wait to wrest the conversation back to themselves. ((hugs)), Teresa 🙂


  11. I’m an only child, so I there wasn’t much noise when I was growing up. Now that I’m an empty-nester, the extreme silence in the house sometimes strikes me. When Briton, Hannah and I all get together after being apart for a while, the rush to catch one another up on stuff is a wonderful racket.


  12. While I enjoy a good bit of conversation, I find too much talk exhausting! I need quiet for my mind. I, too, wonder why it has to be so loud in stores and in restaurants, etc. That’s what I miss right now in my life-quiet. ( I learned sign language and interpreting years ago-I would’ve loved to visit with the kids!)


  13. I am so glad you liked the yarn! And I love my new sock yarn as well, I need to get a picture taken. I am glad you thought of it!

    I really love your log cabin color choices as well. Those rows are starting to get long though!!


  14. I am horrified when I think back to how talkative I was as a child. (A librarian once called me loquacious. Of course, I had to look it up!) As I have aged, I have become much quieter and solitary, with little interest in small talk. Knitting and reading appeal to me so much because they are quiet pursuits.


  15. I HAVE to have quiet in my day. This world is far too noisy. When did everyplace have to have loud music or televisions. Why can’t we just eat our supper at a restaurant and concentrate on the people at our table??? Nooooooooooo…has to be TVs. Drives me CRAZY! LOL

    I’m all for the quiet.


  16. Love your log cabin. I seem to make more mistakes when it’s plain garter too. I wonder why? Maybe because it’s easy and I don’t concentrate as much. I’m a chatterbox. Especially because I spend so much time alone, then when I’m with someone I think I tend to talk to much. I’m always trying to be careful of that, but I know I fail. Can you imagine if the two of us got together?
    Blessings always, Betsy


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