SO? GO or no GO?


First of all, I bought some new colors for my Log cabin shawl blanket. I flew in and out of Needles N Pins without saying hello to the group at all. I had to get back for my Cub online ticket purchase. unnamed-3 Spoiler alert: I did not go to the game last night and they WON!!!!!  This is my flag at the game. I sent it with my pal Mary Ellen when she told me she was going to last night’s game.  I’m overjoyed. 

Did I buy tickets for tonight?  Well, I took all your advice , truly, and threw the answers up in the air and the one that fell down said, “Stay home” 

What really happened was I went on line.  Fireman had already put the kabash on the whole idea.  Not that I couldn’t overrule.  But when I got online, and the whole system really worked well, here’s the deal: 

the ticket prices were : 121 dollars each seat for upper deck so 250 with ticket fees.  Not to mention, a tank of gas, 50 bucks, and I have to have food at the game and fireman has to have beer.  So 50 bucks more.  Oh and parking at least 25 dollars.  Those were the cheapest available with a seat. 

So I moved on to tonights possible game:  Even higher prices.  I Believe we calculated 356 for two tickets to tonights game.  add 125 for above.  

And…………….what did it do? 

I passed.  

If it was a WORLD Series game I may have considered it.  NO, I would have bought them.  But it is still the playoffs.  

Fireman’s ribs are very very sore.  We are seeing the doc today.  Because the nurse wife insists.  He can feel one rib popping.  He looks flushed to me.  

AND Miss Pie needs a dental under anesthesia and xrays.  So Pie comes first. Not that I couldnt buy the tickets and work it out.  Not that I couldnt call it my Christmas, anniversary, National Crazy cat lady day, present.  

All of you Dodger haters made me laugh.  We think the same about the Cardinals here.  Hate is a strong word, but we are talking baseball here!

But, I do have this whole cozy routine about watching the games, texting my kids and Karen all during the game, knitting and falling into bed exhausted from the emotion of it all.  SO HOME it is, and lets play two!  CMON CUbbies.





Author: compassionknit

I've moved from to on Nov. 7 2016. It is still me! glad you found me

15 thoughts on “SO? GO or no GO?”

  1. Ha! I like your reasoning and at those prices I would have done the same thing. Although we never have a team even close to the playoffs! When we lived in Omaha the entire town lived and breathed the College World Series. I suppose it still does although having been gone almost 25 years I’ve forgotten a lot of it. I sure hope Fireman’s ribs turn out to be not a serious issue. I’ll be praying for him. Please let us know what the doctor says. If nurse-wife says it’s time to see the doctor you know it needs tending to.


  2. Oh no, I missed how he hurt his ribs. Ouchie. He wouldn’t have been comfortable at all since you wouldn’t be going alone. I liked what you said at the end. I’m glad your Cubs beat them Dodgers.


  3. I’m glad you’re taking the Fireman in. Safer to know what is going on in there. The fact that it will relax you a little in the knowing is worth it.

    When I saw they won last night (I was at college night at school) I was like YES GO CUBBIES GO!

    I feel both of your positions for not going. You’ll enjoy the game from home with less stress and more comfort. Who knows at this rate, maybe you’ll get a chance to see them next year in just as a competitive atmosphere. My Giants do not look like they are making any changes that lend me to extreme confidence for our playoff chances next year. sigh.


  4. I didn’t think the Cubbies were going to pull off game 4. So happy to read it this morning. (Yes, bad fan for my lack of faith…but you know they can go a long time between ‘wins’.) Go Cubbies. Time to hang out the cubbie shirt on the front porch?


  5. With prices like that, how on earth can the everyday person afford to go? Yikes!

    I hope Fireman’s checkup goes well and that the doctor can help him get some relief from the pain and discomfort.


  6. All things considered: great decision! Hope Fireman gets his ribs fixed…sorry he’s in pain. Seems that the Cubs/Dodgers game is following the Nats/Cubs games…trust the outcome isn’t the same. Enjoy the game!


  7. Wow! Considering the prices, I don’t think I would have bought in either.

    I don’t think we will go to any Eagles games once we live in Philadelphia. I don’t like crowds and guess what …. EVERY game is on the television. Win/win — I stay in a quite house and all the beer I could possibly want is right in the next room. No lines at the bathroom either.


  8. I have to agree with you. That is a lot of money and it is easier to watch on TV. I know it isn’t as festive but still you can go to the bathroom when you want, knit, eat what you want, knit, drink what you want, knit and of course there are no crowds. Poor Fireman, hope he is better.


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