We had  rainy weekend.   There was sock knitting. I  Finished a pair of DIANA Mad tosh socks.  The hues are accurate.  The skein just went that way. They are for me ….so no worries.  They are thick and warm!  Comfort socks.. Watching Cubbies in October socks. !!  

Today we have a super short Q and A: 

How did you come up with the name of your blog:???  I’d love to know! 

(if you don’t have a blog, what WOULD you name yours and why?)



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I've moved from irisheyesknitters.blogspot.com to compassionknit.wordpress.com on Nov. 7 2016. It is still me! glad you found me

47 thoughts on “A SHORT MONDAY Q AND A

  1. Years ago my camp name was Stitches, I think because my maiden name was Taylor. Anyhow, I do like to sew, embroider, and knit, so there you have it.


  2. I started out with Knitspiring Odyssey because back in 2011, at VOGUE Knitting Live! LA they were all about knitty words like fiberlicious. Then we left SF and moved so I felt I closed that chapter in my life and started a new one. I wanted my blog’s name to reflect what I was all about and so Wooly Cakes and Wooden Spoons was it.


  3. I never get to join but because Little B’s babysitters car did not start and I had a heart attack driving up from St Pete to get him from school very late I am home. Whew! Mereknits is my name because apparently I thought I was going to talk about knitting, which rarely happens now. I have thought about changing it but who would want to read the blog, Mere Rarely Knits?

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  4. Love your latest socks!

    A number of years ago I needed a name (before blogging) when I was designing some cross stitched samplers. Threaded Lane seemed to fit since I was using thread and my last name is Lane. Decided to use it for my blog too.

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  5. Actually, I prefer when the socks don’t line up exactly. It gives each of them their own personality. Your colors are lovely.

    My blog was named for what I had hoped would be my cottage knitting industry; it’s been so long ago now that I’ve honestly forgotten exactly how I landed on it. A play on “hand/eye coordination,” I imagine.

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  6. kmkat and her kneedles was my attempt to come up with a clever name. Besides knitting, I occasionally crochet, sew, and embroider, so I wanted the blog to encompass it all. Over the years knitting has taken over. The subtitle, It’s about knitting the way Car Talk was about cars, came from a male relative who checked out the blog.

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  7. I named my blog “The Well Fed Wheel” mainly because everyone in my house is well fed and those spinning wheels of mine are no exception. In fact they may be more well fed!!! I’m always working with fiber and spinning yarn.

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  8. Love the socks and the colors!

    Wyoming Breezes was named thus because “Just like the winds that blow through Wyoming, the thoughts posted here are varied – some a strong tirade and others merely a whisper.”

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  9. I named my blog – “Morning Glory Studio” -in honor of my mother (who had recently died in 2004). When I was a little girl, she’d say to me “What’s your story, Morning Glory?” T’was a popular song, rendered by Ella Fitzgerald in the 40s…
    My sewing studio was my mother’s bedroom; it is small – 72 square feet – and cozy, gets early morning sun and is so inviting (tho’ I don’t spend as much time in there as I’d like – that’s what I say).

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  10. When I started my blog, I thought I was writing for my family and friends who are scattered about the earth. I thought a blog would be a good way to keep them in the loop about my life. I didn’t know that very few of them would follow me, and that I would gather so many people who were interested in what I’m up to today. Or that it would evolve to a mostly knitting blog. but it still is about whatimuptotoday, I am just up to a lot of knitting, lol.

    PS love the socks, definitely a mad tosh thing!


  11. Thanks for leaving your comment! YES these are gusset heels. There is a heelbynumber website that lists different heels. THis is the ROUNDER heel. I do find that my heels fit perfectly with these instructions so it is the only heel I use.

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  12. Forgot to say how much I like those socks. Warm comfy socks seem like a distant dream though. AC is still on here. Yuck.


  13. Araignee is my Ravelry name and since it is the French word for spider Tangled Web seemed fitting. It you read my blog you know I do have a tangled web of projects. I can’t do anything for more than a few minutes at a time so they just keep coming. The Mister is not amused….

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  14. Adding these socks to the KAL finishers. They are TOTALLY fall socks.

    Name of my blog story over at my blog…..but, I’ll be coming back here to read all the wonderful answers.


  15. Comfort Zone was the name of the flexible knitting needles we sold for a few years. I liked the thought that my knitting time and space was my comfort zone and decided to keep the name.


  16. When I first started my blog, it was countdown to 95 because I was very focused on my weight loss and that was my goal. When I came back to blogging several years later, it was to keep track of a lot of different aspects of my life, so that’s where the slice of life came from. The petite part is just a funny play on the fact that I’m incredibly short and I didn’t want to write books,🤣

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  17. When I went to wordpress I changed my blog name. The old blog was started by four of us, and I was the lone survivor. So I wanted to play with words and compassion knit came to mind. The minute I thought of it, I knew it was right.


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