DSCF2673.jpgOh worsted weight, I’ve forgotten your joys.  I’ve been knitting with fingering for about a month (with the exception of fiddly twiddle mitts).  This is my Viktoria beginning.  Berroco on size 8 circs.   The flash makes it look like a safety patrol orange but it is softer than that, I promise.  I’ve got a LOT of knitting ahead of me.  I shall not whine. DSCF2669.jpg

My Betty’s Pies cup has seen better days.  She’s well loved.  I’ve abandoned the Keurig.  I’ve decided this is cleaner, simpler and frees me of trash guilt.  It does make me WAIT a bit longer for my cuppa, but the coffee tastes great.  I think it is good for me to practice a bit of waiting.  I tap my foot and fingers when I put my chip card in the block at the store.  Sigh, data has to go all the way up to the satellite in the sky and down again.  Really Kathy B?  I shall not whine.

DSCF2670.jpgDSCF2671.jpgThe produce stands now have pumpkins!  Oh fall I love thee so much.  I have no idea what one does with an APPLE gourd and my checkout lady  just shrugged.  She said, “Decoration I think” .

Finally, some of you will not be surprised by this at all.  I was driving down the interstate when a truck merged from the on ramp.  I saw a tail.  Then I saw a full grown Siberian Husky standing ON boxes, in the back bed of a pick up truck.  The truck was going no less than 80mph.  This poor dog was barely keeping its balance. 

I called 911.
“911 what’s your emergency”

“There is a pick up truck on the expressway with a dog in the back of the truck!  I’m an animal lover”  I proceeded to give them all the identifiers for the vehicle.

“Ma’am there is no law that says you have to restrain an animal in a vehicle”

“But, but but”

“Ma’am, I just want you to know the dog won’t jump, Okay?”

Really?  What a bunch of yahoos.  I’m not asking for a carseat for the dog, and I certainly understand crates in the back of a truck for working dogs and hunting dogs.  But loose?  Standing on boxes that were higher than the sides of the truck.  ?  There ought to be a law….



Author: compassionknit

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  1. We have a law that dogs in the bed of a truck must be restrained. It seems logical to do it without a law though.
    I love the orange! Worsted weight is so fast after fingering weight:) It’s like knitting on fast forward.


  2. Well! Thanks for calling about the dog…it’s probably used to the ride…what a story! Your coffee maker does a cup at a time, uh? I think I might try it. I also retired my Keurig—it only made a cup at a time but I didn’t like the prepackaged coffee tho’ I bought it for ChaiTea…it was a cheapie – designed for college students. I’ve not tried making coffee with real grounds in it…love the color of your Viktoria.Knit on!


  3. Hiya Kathy B! Love your orange yarn. You may have a ton of knitting ahead of you, but it will go FAST! I’ve never seen apple gourds, but I like them. I usually buy some little gourds and tiny pumpkins to put on trays or in baskets in my kitchen. That poor, poor doggie. There oughta be a law for sure.


  4. Some states do have laws about dogs in the back. I’ve seen dogs barely hanging on flatbed trucks with slippery beds. I’d like to see the owners hanging on for dear life back there sometime.


  5. We do have a law that says animals have to be restrained in the back of pickups. Unfortunately it’s not enforced very well and I still see it happening. It terrifies me. I’ve never seen Anne gourd before and have absolutely no idea what it would be used for. Love that orange. I’m going to be knitting a sweater with worsted weight after my trip to Mandy’s. Since all I’ve been using to knit with is fingering, I have a feeling it will seem very fast too. I hope you have a wonderful day my friend. Blessings, Betsy


  6. The lady at the farm store was correct. You can eat squash, but you can’t eat gourds.

    I agree . . . there should be a law. Florida does say you cannot have an unrestrained animal in a moving vehicle. However … the rednecks here do it all the time. Guess it is that MANLY thing showing up again.


  7. I’m not sure if we have a law particularly about dogs… but “cargo” needs to be secure. Even if the dispatcher is not worried about the dog itself, what about other motorists? That dog becomes a serious safety issue if he comes flying out of the box into the path of another car. It’s no different than an unsecured mattress (okay – it’s a lot different, it’s a living thing!!! so even more care should be taken – but dog or not, it’s a safety issue)
    I would have called too – so good for you!


  8. Oh, golly. I’ve seen dogs doing that too and it makes me crazy. I’ve pulled over and just waited so I didn’t have to see the mess I knew was coming. People are so dumb.
    I just abandoned my coffee maker and gone back to an old fashioned percolator on the stove. I got tired of them breaking and never liked that you couldn’t clean them well. When I am in a hurry I use a french press. Both taste better than the coffee maker.
    I need to get a sweater on the needles. I need some worsted weight in my future.


  9. Sorry I missed a few of your posts.. it’s been a bit crazy around here. I think your new knit looks gorgeous and am looking forward to seeing your black bag all done! ((hugs)), Teresa 🙂


  10. I so agree with you! Every time we see a dog loose in a pickup I want to scream. Our son’s friend learned a hard lesson that way, sadly. Looks like you’re headed for another nice shawl? I’m with you on worsted. I just started on a project with that and it’s coming along nicely and faster as well. Hugs!


  11. I love Autumn, it is my favorite season and I miss it so much. I have called 911 myself over dogs in the back of trucks and kids to. Really? Driving you little ones around in the back of a damn truck?


  12. I know how upsetting seeing the dog was for you-It makes me so mad. At least we do have a law against it so they might have done something….maybe! The new sweater is gorgeous! Good for you to take on a larger project!


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