A Limerick for Tank

DSCF2209There once was a cat named Tank,

he ate and he ate and he drank,

he did as he pleased

for he was Siamese

and his belly went clankity clank.

(Tankalicious I love you)

DSCF2212Whoop whoop.  Second evening beaded bag using Val’s yarn.  I love how the mulit colored beads are mixing with her yarn. And aren’t you all the clever ones with the ideas for bag bottoms.  All I have to do is ask, and YOU (the collective form) deliver.
Happy Saturday.  I’m off to get the cats their solar glasses for their viewing pleasure. NO worries as it is supposed to be overcast and cloudy in Wisconsin Monday.


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14 thoughts on “A Limerick for Tank

  1. Thanks for the limerick! He is not too fat….just nice and hefty!
    The beaded bag is a beauty of a color! I sure hope we don’t get clouded out tomorrow-we have storm systems on both coasts of FL to mess with us! NO!


  2. Tank is appalled that your brought up his little “drinking” and “eating” problem. LOL (THAT FACE!!!!)

    Don’t tell the others, but Uncle Tank has ALWAYS been my favorite.


  3. That is one handsome dude in the photo! Oh, and the cat is nice, too 😉 Love the poem, but I was anticipating something abut upchucking, since cats that stuff themselves tend to do that. We had a cat we nicknamed Tank, too. She would bulk up in the winter, then spend the summer in the woods at the cabin. Having to find her own food slimmed her down nicely.


  4. Love your limerick and your cat and your wonderful husband! Your bag is very pretty. Which kind of bag bottom did you decide to use? Have a super weekend! ((hugs)), Teresa 🙂


  5. You’re so clever. Fireman and Tank are adorable together. Have no idea the weather here on Monday but I will be working and not actually eclipse viewing. There is a big portion of a hospital bill I need to pay off……..


  6. The look on Tank’s face made me laugh. I just got chewed out by the vet because Mr Herbie is too fat. Miss Gracie has to go get her shots next week and I’ll probably be hearing the same song. I took away their self feeder but now they just whine at me all day.


  7. Love the limerick. I kind of thought you should have written one for the bag, too! I tried writing one for you, but couldn’t find good words that rhymed with “bags”. (Hags? I don’t think so! Lags? Nope. See what I mean?)


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