There’s a fungus among us

DSCF2196How do you feel about mushrooms?  I don’t eat them, but I love a carved mushroom.  I have one that fireman made last year.  I really wanted another.  So Fireman taught Zach to carve with a chain saw.  Now I have a gorgeous reminder of father and son out my kitchen window.


I am no star baker, but my rookie attempt at Chocolate Chip cookies with the Mixmaster was a success.   Oh Mixmaster, I love thee.DSCF2199.jpg

Oh Cosmos, I love thee too.  A late summer flower here that just thrives on neglect.   I’ll be throwing more than one package of seeds in that area next year.

My knitting plans today : continue 2nd beaded bag work.  Anyone have an idea of how I can create a template or something for the bottom rounded part so it is firm?  Maybe cover a circle in felt or something to put inside?


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14 thoughts on “There’s a fungus among us

  1. I love both my mixmaster and your cosmos! My mom always had a standing mixer, so I’ve always considered it a kitchen necessity. I would bake a lot less if I had to stand there and hold the mixer. I’m sure you come to depend on yours, too. They make great mashed potatoes, BTW!


  2. I love the mushroom too. And the cookies are making my mouth water.As my son says, “There is nothing like standard issue chocolate chip cookies.” (He has a droll sense of humor but we love him anyway. 😉 I am missing the orange and yellow cosmos so thank you for the photo. Happy weekend.


  3. Good job on father teaching his son to make you a 2nd mushroom! I love eating them too! I would take a coffee can lid and sew some felt or fabric around it for a nice solid base. Cardboard bends and softens. ((hugs)), Teresa 🙂


  4. I love mushrooms-edible and decorative! This is a great item to have in your garden! For the bag, you can knit a second bottom, then if you can crochet, I would turn the bag inside out when you are done and crochet the edges of the two knitted bottoms together, slipping a margarine tub lid in when you are partway around and then crocheting until the circle is enclosed!


  5. Hi Kathy, I have been MIA. Love the mushroom, can Fireman make one for all of us? I love that you volunteer so much. You are the best. Happy knitting.


  6. I love to eat mushrooms but I like yours even better and it was made with love too. How wonderful. Those amazing looking cookies are calling my name. Yum! I have covered a piece of cardboard with felt and I have also crocheted around a piece of cardboard for the bottom of bags. Hope you figure out what works best for you.


  7. Lovely flowers – so bright and cheerful. Not a mushroom eater but will try a bit o’ soup. All the ideas for your beaded bag’s bottom sound do-able. Try them out and see which you like best is all I can add.


  8. Love the mushroom! I don’t eat them either but I find them esthetically pleasing. I have my ceramic mushrooms in my garden.
    For the bag you could cover a plastic margarine tub lid – cut off the lip and cut to size.


  9. I want a mushroom…….it’s so cute. Baking cookies with my Grand Daughter this weekend. Plastic canvas covered in felt makes a lovely purse bottom. They come in circles too. Try Joanns or Michaels or Hobby Lobby.


  10. Gorgeous mushroom! I’m winding down from my busy week…hoping to leave early (perhaps a nap before dinner??) and then knitting this evening and this weekend. I need to get that pesky 2nd sock finished and OFF the needles. I like your felt idea. And…last, but certainly not least, your cookies look so very, very yummy.


  11. That mushroom is just amazing. I had never seen one like that before.
    I always just stuck a piece of cardboard in the bottom of my knitted bags. I like your idea of covering them with felt first.


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