When Beading and Bars Don’t Mix

DSCF1630Okay , first that’s a diet Pepsi!

Second, we needed to go to watch the Cub game.  We don’t get certain channels up here and you know how cheap I am.

Third, the beaded yarn keep rolling out of the bag.   It would have been comical to anyone at the bar,  had they not been drinking. But, no one even noticed.    Thanks Zach for the interesting photo.

*******DSCF2182.jpgMiss Pie says “hi”.  She’s a sunbather and she turns browner than black in the summer months.


While many of you are dreaming of sweater knitting,  I saw a pair of earrings that were on Knitty.com’s current patterns.  The pattern is called: What the World Needs Now.

There are, also, some very pretty earrings on Etsy at Plumelet’s shop.

I won’t be earring knitting, but I am continually amazed by the creativity of the needle and hook world.  So while some go big, some go little.


I added the Twiddle mitt link from LOVEKNITTING.com to my side bar.  Ignore the other stuff, I have to figure out how to take the ROLL off. 🙂


The update from my volunteer life is good.  I have become better at the computer.  My first newsletter went out to the 20 sponsors.  I managed new photos of each horse, with the exception of just one.  Thanks for all your encouragement.  (especially Teresa)




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13 thoughts on “When Beading and Bars Don’t Mix

  1. diet pepsi can still make you loopy, ha ha. I wouldn’t be able to knit in that dim lighting. Love that your newsletter is off to a good start – you have such a giving soul.


  2. I think my look matched Pie’s after my massage this evening. Kudos knitting in a bar…not something I would do…but my drink would not be a diet Pepsi – lol.


  3. I don’t think I have ever done any bar knitting. That’s a new one! I get tipsy very quickly so I doubt it would end well.
    Miss Pie is so sweet in the sun. We’ve had nothing but rain for days. I’m turning into a mushroom.


  4. Love that Pie kitty! Why do cats like the sun so much? Our two seek it out for sure. Nice work on the beads. You might like Earthfaire’s website.My beaded shawl is still in time out.


  5. How did you have enough light in the bar to knit with beads! My hat is off to you. I’m so glad I could encourage you on the newsletter enterprise.. good for you and thanks for the shout out. ((hugs)), Teresa 🙂


  6. Love the fact that you take your knitting everywhere with you, even to the bar. I take mine everywhere too and I do get some strange looks when I pull it out. This morning I was knitting away on my sock at Weight Watchers and two ladies came over afterwards and said they hadn’t seen anyone knitting since their grandmothers died! You’re kidding me! I thought everybody knitted or crocheted. Ha ha! That’s a great picture of Miss Pie. She looks very relaxed. Our Chloe loves to sunbathe too. And congratulations on the newsletter success. I knew you could do it. I hope you have a most wonderful day my friend.
    Blessings, Betsy


  7. The bar is one place I haven’t knit……yet. Miss Pie is a beauty! I was at the cubbies game on Sunday when they tromped my Diamondbacks. So happy to hear you doing well with your computer skills. Those horses are beautiful. I used to ride quite often. It’s been 40 years since a sat on one though. (Sigh)


  8. I think today is National Black Cat Appreciation Day, so all the love and appreciation to Miss Pie from Stella!


  9. I love that knitting picture backlit in the bar! My knitting is just a few rounds every other day or so. My kitchen was clean when I went to bed last night so you know, I think on the other things I did in the day that got done when I can’t knit.

    Miss Pie looks like she is in the zen zone in that picture. I could use a moment of that!


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