Beaded Evening Bag Finish


I have to thank Kim D.( Handeye blogfame)  for those amazing birthday flowers.  They are still stunning as they open more.  I’d love to do something with the rose petals.  Any ideas friends?  Thank you again Kim for such a beautiful gift.  They are on the IRISH table and I see them all day long.   My mom had a little rose garden and she had fresh roses on her kitchen table from June to October.  Kim, you make me smile thinking of my sweet mom.

Now for the FO:


Sorry about blurred photo. This bag deserves a sharp photo.  I have to get a minor thing fixed on my good camera, but until then it is my phone, which is an old version. and that has to do as my photomaker.

Beaded Evening Bag pattern by Needle’s N pins owner Doreen Marquart.  It is a three dollar pattern.  You can purchase it on Ravelry.  It is the ideal size for a coin purse and a cell phone.


If you can thread a needle you can thread beads.  I think if you have a grandchild that is old enough to want to help, this is a calming great activity.  My next beaded bag will be with Val’s yarn in Grassy colors.  DSCF2146 (1).jpg

I can’t ignore the elephant in the room.  I’m trying to think of all the great people I know who give their time as volunteers.  Knitters and crocheters and quilters are some of the kindest people I know.  I’m off to help at the Barn because it helps my community.  It helps me, too.

I am glad Channon (of pups and pearls)  jumped back into blogging before her beloved town was attacked last weekend.  Charlottesville is beautiful and I’m sending her love.

When Allison moved to  Virginia, Channon was the first to tell me she’d take her in if ever a crises. We have visited Channon and Mark and the pups twice.  She is proud of her C’ville.  Now,   her dog Sissy is sick at the same time.  Lots to bear.  She has given so much at her Junior League over many years.  Those strong ladies are no doubt already thinking of more ways to help their young ladies deal with this crises.  Hugs to you Channon.

Hugs to all of C’ville.

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10 thoughts on “Beaded Evening Bag Finish

  1. Love the beaded bag and the photos of the “hosses.” VUGS* and perseverance to your friend Shannon and all of us…
    * VUGS – virtual hugs!


  2. Your bag is spectacular!! You are right-the best way to help is to give back. I’ve been donating non stop to good causes since inauguration day. Who didn’t see this coming.


  3. The fiber community never ceases to amaze me with their kindness, their generosity and their community activism. If only ALL of the world’s people could act like the fiber community.


  4. First of all, I’ve never had any luck saving rose petals so I hope some of the other ladies suggestions help you. Second, I love that purse. I’m with Valerie though, I prefer to crochet the beads on as I go. And thirdly, how have I never heard of Chan and her blog before? She sounds like a lovely woman. I’ll have to look her blog up.



  5. I knew you could bead it! But be careful, beading gets addicting.
    You may also want to look up the crochet method for beading. That’s what I use because I can’t be bothered to count and string ahead of time. Using a fine crochet hook (super tiny and small enough to fit through the beads) you thread the beads on to the stitch you just knit. It slows the knitting down a touch, and it’s not as portable as pre-threading, but I like it better

    As for your petals – you could press them (and maybe some other flowers) and do pressed flower picture?


  6. Love the beaded bag -‘well done!

    I’ve been think of Chan, her Knight, her fur babies, C’ville, and America, too. Hatred and evil cannot flourish where love and kindness are strong. It’s time for all Americans to extend a helping hand, to love their neighbors, and to strengthen their neighborhoods and communities.


  7. Ohmigosh! You knit so fast! Congratulations. 🙂 For Rose Petals, there are so many ideas! You could make rose water, that is very tasty and refreshing. You could also infuse olive oil with it (Stuff a jar with petals and pout olive oil over it) and make rose oil. FINALLY, you could dry the petals and add them to a bath with salt. Those are my top 3 suggestions.

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