Charity Knits

DSCF2023So I have another Twiddle Mitt done in Paintbox by  The yarn was given to me for free to try from the company. It is very soft and not splitty.  Great for this type of project.

Al sent me a link to the PURPLE baby hat project started in Oklahoma.  They are  asking for thousands by Oct. 1 .  The have to be 6 inches high, I think, and washable. They must be purple.  The purple is to remind people about shaken babies and the danger shaking poses.

I used to remind parents that an innocent sibling could shake a baby.  I will knit a few with the purple left from Loveknitting.  I’ll do it to honor my mom, the woman who just loved babies.  Had 6 of her own, 10 grand babies and 6 foster babies.

IF you want to knit for charity, you might want to join in.   Just google Oklahoma purple baby hat request and the details are there.


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11 thoughts on “Charity Knits

  1. I’ll bet your local hospital would love the purple hats; at least I’ve made some for the UW Medical Center, and I know of at least one yarn shop in OR that had 10% off on the purple yarn along with a suggested pattern.


  2. That is a good project.. I’ll check into it. How did I miss your last post? But I loved that you have a farm stand to fulfill your needs. We have one too that I try to stop at and support. I’m so glad you’re settling in to the job at the barn to be a great writer! ((hugs)), Teresa 🙂


  3. How funny that we both posted about the purple hat project…I am passionate about babies too and want to help however I can. I’m so glad you’re involved too. Even not knowing your Mom, from what you’ve written about her I think it would make her happy that you’re doing this. The twiddle mitts are beautiful and that yarn looks perfect for them. Will you collect them as an ongoing thing or when you reach your desired number are you done? Love your sweet heart Kathy.


  4. Wonderful sentiments with your project. I will be Charity knitting baby hats this year. It will be my first time knitting for a Charity. Have a Great weekend.


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