Beads and Buds and Bounty


This beading stuff is very fun for me. I’m knitting a bag with  highland superwash sock yarn.  The yarn colorway is called  Beards and Mustaches which I won awhile back.  I love this yarn and  it has  been waiting for just the right project.    I knew it had to be my beaded bag base.  The beads are size 6 and were easy to thread.  I’m having fun with a technique that I’ve never tried.  I don’t seem to be in any hurry to make progress as long as I’m able to sit with the bag for a while each day.

I’ve been writing for the barn as they asked, and I’m getting better at the computer.  You were all right.  I’m getting it.  On my way home, I pass a great farm stand.

unnamed-6]ust look at these petunias.

Annuals mean summer to me.    The farm stand sells all kinds of fresh produce. They also make their own caramel corn, zucchini bread, banana bread, snickerdoodle cookies, oatmeal raisin and chocolate chip peanut butter cookies.   They sell honey that is the work of local bees.  Their corn is so sweet you can eat it raw.  Open every day from now until Halloween.   When I stop here I get enough food for a few days and I can skip the local grocery store.  It is a joy of summer that is new to me and I love it.

Do you have a summer farmstand?



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9 thoughts on “Beads and Buds and Bounty

  1. The closest to a farm stand we have are Farmers’ Markets – both in DC as well as neighboring small municipalities…nothing like what you have! Your beaded bag is coming along nicely…I can see why you find it so meditative. Lovely.


  2. I have an independently owned Vegetable Farmer’s store (market) that if they can they sell local produce. Their quality is so much better than the grocery stores. I love your beading project, little pops of color!


  3. That colorway does seem very “manly” – but with that blue, I would wear it too. 🙂 We have a CSA that we are a part of, we pay $250 at the beginning of the year and get $300 in “credit” at the stand when we go to pick up veggies. It lasts from mid-June to October, and we need to work hard to eat all our veggies up!! But I love it. This is the first year we’ve done it.


  4. Your bag is coming along so nicely – gorgeous! Love the colors (and the beads!!) in it.

    We have a few farmers’ markets nearby. Tomorrow we plan to go to one in Phoenixville. Always plenty to choose from. My problem is that I usually end up buying more than we can possibly consume before it goes bad. It all looks so good!!

    Gorgeous petunias. Ours this year (in a window box at one of our kitchen windows) are so full and cascading – much more so than in other years. Have a wonderful weekend!


  5. Your beaded bag is gorgeous. So much fun. We have a small farmers market about two miles from the lake in a tiny town by the mountains. Only about eight stalls, but they are full of yumminess. I bought some local honey last week that tastes amazing. About 30 miles north of the lake in another small town named Chewelah, they have huge masses of purple and pink petunias on every block. I’ve never seen anything like it beforehand. Pure loveliness.
    Blessings always,


  6. What is it about pink petunias this year? I’ve seen so many HUGE masses of them. I wish I could grow them. We have a Friday night farmer’s market here but we stopped going because it has got so crowded. You wait in line for hours before it opens just to get something before it’s all gone.
    Love that beaded bag. I was really into beaded knitting a while back. I still have it all somewhere around here….


  7. There’s a local farmers market but I always forget which day it’s held and miss it. Love the petunias!


  8. Our farmstand is the Riverside Arts Market. It runs all year ’round, but there is a bigger variety of produce and more vendors through summer and fall. All foods sold at the market must be grown/manufactured within 50 miles of Jacksonville. It has introduced me to some “new to me” foods. I had no idea they grew rice in the Jacksonville area.

    But . . . farm stores up north are different. I LOVE when the farm markets get their hay bales, corn stalks and pumpkins for Halloween.

    My cousin owned a farm store in Horsham (PA). They were open full time until Thanksgiving selling fruit/vegetables and such. Then from Thanksgiving to Christmas they sold Christmas trees.


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