Spoiled….so Spoiled by Vera


Vera went beyond spoiling me for our swap.  KIM!!! See my new bag. ?


And Yup, a smaller bag with a hummie on it!  Perfect for my current small

beaded bag project.  Maybe I wont mind weaving in ends with her colorful darling needles.  Um I had NO small stitch stoppers.  These are perfect for the size 2 needles I am working with for the bag .  Aren’t they so cute? And not likely to get lost in the house with those nice vibrant colors .

The felted bowl is beyond cute. It is going to “my” desk at the barn .  I plan to fill it with candies at all times.  Oh maybe not, then I’d only get to see it once a week or twice.

Vera, question: did You double the yarn on the round part and not on the base so it stands so nicely? unnamed-5

I was showered with two lovely Darling Clementine notebooks and sticky notes. I’m going to designate them for special jottings down.  Maybe a gratitude journal and a poetry journal.???


Tyg sent the cats treats and little mice to play with.  Pie killed the darling felt mouse and promptly carried it away to her stash hiding place.  As for the new dish towel, it was sorely needed.

What an amazing gift envelope Vera.  thank you thank you thank you!!!!!

Gentle reminder others: you have till the eclipse to get your swaps in the mail.


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14 thoughts on “Spoiled….so Spoiled by Vera

  1. Vera and Tyg are the best! I’m glad you got so many great goodies, and that the kitties were able to enjoy the swap too. 🙂


  2. Woo hoo….what a haul!!! I’m pushing the envelope with my swap package. All this kitty sitting has left me little time to get it together but I’m working on it!


  3. Yay! So glad the package arrived and that you like everything. I had such fun finding things for you (it was easy – I figured if I liked it, you would too – LOL). I didn’t double the yarn on the felted bowl. both the black and the white is Icelandic wool that was leftover from when my Mom knit us all Icelandic sweaters. The gold/mustardy yarn was some I picked up somewhere and the same for the raspberry yarn. BUT, the raspberry yarn was slightly thinner (not a lot, just a bit) and it did not felt as easily as the other colors. I think the black and mustard colored yarns got thick when I continued the felting process hoping the raspberry yarn would (finally) felt. Phew, it did. A fun swap Kathy – thanks so much for pulling it all together for us.


  4. Vera (or should I say, Tyg) sent Giroux some of those Temptations. Giroux went wild for them! LOL

    The swap package is wonderful. Enjoy all your new goodies.


  5. Oh. My. Goodness. Vera sent you some lovely things. I was spoiled by Nancy with my swap gift. So much fun and I thank you for organizing it. Now, I’m off to knit some socks!
    Blessings my sweet friend,


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