A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Yarn Shoppe


A couple of things Happened this weekend.  Unexpected things. Some good, some not the best, but just part of life. 

No, it is not about the fox catching turkey chicks again.  In fact, on that front, Fireman saw 4 kits (fox) playing in the yard on Sunday and they appeared well fed.  We have also seen other Turkey pairs with a bundle of chicks this week.  You folks who grew up country must laugh at my naiveté. Keep eating those tics turkeys. 

On Sunday, unnamed-3

I had that jealous of all of you going to the Stitches Midwest market thing going.  So I hopped in my trusty Honda, Rhonda and went to Needles n Pins.   Planning on another Half Pi shawl, I came out of there with a beaded bag pattern, cool beads, and bead threader.  That’s how it goes for me.  Impulsive, yes.  Inspired, you bet. unnamed-5

I was keenly aware of a noise Rhonda the Honda was making going over any kind of bump.  If you were one of those who passed me, Sorry, I drive slow.  I think you all drive way too fast up here, anyhow.  

When I got safely home, I followed Standard protocol and reported the noise to Fireman.  My diagnosis: something in the trunk is rattling around.  Possibly the many bottles of hand sanitizer or a Firefighter helmet.  

Fireman took her for a spin right to the mechanic.  She was pronounced nearly dead on arrival.  Apparently years of Illinois’ salted winter roads rotted her 19 year old carriage to the core.  Beyond reasonable repair.   I was in shock.  I went through all the stages of grief last evening as Fireman and Zach laughed. 

Rhonda, how?  You have not one drop of rust on  you.  Zach just drove to Central Illinois with you for a wedding .  Then I thanked her for not dumping her parts all over I-94 while Zach drove her.  She’s going to salvage soon.  We will be a one vehicle family to see if we can do it.  I think we can actually.  There are other ways to get around…..

By the way great news: Channon is back to posting: Of pups and pearls blog! Missed yoU!



Author: compassionknit

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16 thoughts on “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Yarn Shoppe”

  1. I love the name you gave your car. Back in the day I had a VW bug named Vincent von Volkswagen; later, I had Sue Baru. Now I have Rogue One. And I am glad none of you had an accident in Rhona; a rusted frame means that the car could have crumpled completely.


  2. Oh, poor Rhonda! Actually, poor you. When my old Prism was totaled, I was heartbroken. I know how you are feeling. And the new Hondas and Toyotas are bigger than the old versions.


  3. I can’t wait to see what your beaded bag turns out like. Good for you to be so adventurous! Sorry about your car.. but that was a long run. I adore my Ford FLEX.. I get compliments on it everywhere I go. Have fun with your new project. ((hugs)), Teresa 🙂


  4. Oh my goodness! I’m so glad you made it home safely before Rhonda decided to give it up. My Honda CRV is eight years old. I love my Honda. Before that I had a Honda Accord for years and years. Hubby is after me to get a new car. But I love my little CRV. And, if he actually retires in a few years like he says he will and we hit the road full-time in our little trailer, we will only need his pick up truck. I see no point in buying a new car. We don’t have good public transportation up here so that’s not an option. I’m so glad you’re safe. And I really, really, really love that beautiful beaded bag.
    Blessings, Betsy


  5. Glad you made it home safely before ol,’lovable Rhonda had to bite the dust.My car is 14 years old…a mere kid compared to Rhonda. Looking forward to seeing the beaded purse…whenever. Knit on!


  6. Rhonda, thank you for keeping your humans safe for 19+ years! I bet that when salvaged, you are going to come back as a beautiful, fuel-efficient hybrid.


  7. OMG….it’s just like me with Mini. She is still here in the driveway taking up space because I can’t part with her yet. Funny how we get attached to the silliest things.I feel your pain.


  8. Aw…RIP Rhonda. You served your mistress well. So glad nothing major happened while wither you or Zach were driving it. Going down to one car sounds wonderful – I would love to, but that ain’t happening while I’m still working. That beaded purse is beautiful, but I think the beading would send me into fits or one kind or another.


  9. So sorry about Rhonda… but 19 years out of a car is pretty darn impressive these days! You should be proud. But I totally understand getting attached. It broke my heart to send Stella off. Knit something, you’ll feel better.


  10. love the bag and I hear you abut having to go to the LYS because you aren’t going to the fiber frenzy. 🙂
    So sad abut Rhonda! that brine they use on the roads is death to cars, I wish they would either undercoat the cars with something that works or stop using the stuff! We don’t need to be able to drive on perfectly clean roads in snow storms. 🙂

    I hope the one car thing works for you – it is a goal of ours, but we have no public transportation, so that goal won’t be met until we retire, I fear.


  11. Poor Rhonda……but she gave you 19 years. That’s unbelievable for a car that lived in salted winters. Good luck on the 1 car. Love the beaded bag pattern. I just learned how to knit with beads a year ago but I apply the beads after the stitch is made instead of stringing them on the skein before knitting.


  12. So sorry about Rhonda. I still miss my Little Mean Green Machine (Honda CR-V) and I’ve had my Subaru since 2011! Hope going “one car” works well for you. I don’t think it will be long before we do that too.


  13. OH NO! I’m glad you were safe though. We got rid of a Subaru only after parts started flying off it as we drove down the highway.


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