Little Bits of This and That

DSCF2005 (1).jpgThis is not a decorator blog.  I’m far from a decorator.  My husband’s Aunt Carole said to put a swath over the upside down mirror.   8 bucks at the resale shop.  I love it.  I read to clean it by putting it in a bag of salt and shaking it.  Done!


This is charcoal infused lemonade.  Tastes just like lemonade:


I used to give Huck charcoal doggie biscuits.  They really helped his breath.

Have you tried a charcoal drink?  I did. DONE!

DSCF2004 (1).jpg

We had a downpour yesterday!  Thank you Mother Earth I don’t have to water today. DONE!

I saw Nancy sent her swap out.  Wowza.  She sent to Betsy who showed it on her Simple Life of a Queen blog post today.  A mini fan!!! That’s just the best !!! She’s done!

Finally, I have to mention that it is the 50th anniversary of the Night of the Grizzlies.  Such a fascinating creepy sad interesting story.  My mother warned us over and over not to camp if we were menstruating.  I think I could write a book on my sweet mom’s warnings.   The Washington Post has an article about the grizzly Grizzlies today if you want to read it.  I did.  DONE!

Today’s random post: Done!




Author: compassionknit

I've moved from to on Nov. 7 2016. It is still me! glad you found me

10 thoughts on “Little Bits of This and That”

  1. I read Night of the Grizzlies a couple years ago. Humans can be awfully dumb (at the expense of the grizzlies.) It poured here this morning, thus alleviating my nagging thought that I need to water the garden. Done!


  2. Two evening downpours this week have made daytime temps quite pleasant. Worked on another QOV mystery clue this week – looks like the mystery QAL is nearly finished – done, complete, finito!


  3. It’s fun to read your random accomplishments! LOL! We haven’t seen rain for a record amount of days. Very odd for Oregon. I’m tired out from swimming yesterday. I have an editing chore to do today.. grumble. ((hugs)), Teresa 🙂


  4. Love your picture of the rain Kathy! Gorgeous (and refreshing!!). I had not heard of charcoal drinks and had not heard of Night of the Grizzlies — glad we are no longer tent camping!! Your mirror looks great. OK, I’ve learned enough for one day. Done!!


  5. That is an amazing rain photo Kathy. So different. I’m with Vera. I’ve never heard of charcoal drinks, (they sound kind of gross), or Night of the Grizzlies. Since we have grizzlies up here, I think I’ll skip it, I have enough to be scared of with the brown bears, grizzlies and cougars around the campground without scary myself more! 🙂 I keep going back and looking at that rain picture. It’s beautiful. We haven’t had any rain in a long, long, long time. I’m watering the grass twice a day now because it’s so hot.


  6. Wow that’s a lot of claims for charcoal drinks on that chalkboard! I’m glad to know it didn’t taste like charcoal, hehe. That downpour was no joke! We have weird weather right now, gray and slightly muggy. I don’t mind it so much.


  7. When I add activated charcoal to my soaps it makes such a mess that I couldn’t even imagine putting it in my mouth.
    Speaking of bears, The Mister keeps showing me all these houses he wants to move to out in the middle of nowhere and I just look at them and say….bears, there has to be bears in those woods and it’s one thing we don’t have here and don’t need. Those giant racoons are bad enough.


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