Take a Breath, I tell Myself

DSCF1998 (1)Warning : this post may contain Circle of Life contents.  Not for the weepy 

*How about that for a teaser?
First up the lace section of my shawl.  It is just feather and fan, I think.  However, I found out yesterday I was holding my breath on the lace rows.  I hear the first step in change  is recognizing you have a problem.  Breathe, Kathy B, breathe.    What happened to socks you say?  I’m loving YOURS!  Somehow shawls are IT for me right now.

My grown children are not enablers.  When I used to ask Al for help with my knitting she would say, “Im not enabling you, Mom.  You can do this yourself”
I asked Zach for some assistance with Microsoft Word yesterday as That is what they want me to use at the Barn.  Zach did spend slightly longer than a few minutes with me and then said the same thing Al Used to.

And Yes, I did learn to do lace myself….but it took me TEN years!  I don’t have ten years to learn this format for  the Barn writing job they are asking of me.  Breathe Kathy b, Breathe.  Embrace the growth…You are just a volunteer.



Finally, this momma and chick spent lots of time on the woods edge yesterday.  I got this little shot of them mid day.    Since they eat tics I welcome them.  Around dinner time, actually, we heard some distressed screaming and Fireman saw the fox race across the yard.  In a flash, the weeks of turkey parenting work were over.  I think I was more upset than the mom and dad turkey were.  They kind of just kept plucking at the grasses.

And, I love the fox.  They like their turkey too, apparently.  I hope the fox brought dinner back to its den for the little kits.  What does the fox say?  Oh yeah: Dinner!


Author: compassionknit

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18 thoughts on “Take a Breath, I tell Myself”

  1. Ohhh. 😦

    I know the fox has to eat too…

    Our turkey has about 15 little bobbing leaves following it around, I hope most of them survive. We haven’t got a fox that I know of, but we do have fishers which I think are worse.


  2. Your shawl is beautiful! And yes, the foxes do need to eat. I just hate to witness or hear the brutality of it all. Geeze, I get choked up when I see a fawn that’s been hit by a car…I keep thinking (of course, poor fawn) what is the mama doe going to do? I don’t mind Tyg getting mice and voles, but when he gets a bird I hate it…but I know it’s only natural. The world is a cruel place sometimes.

    You’ll be fine with your writing for the barn. As you say, you are volunteering. Just breathe…all will be well.


  3. Ah. The rational side of me says that this is nature keeping things in check but the emotional side of me is grieving for the Turkey Mama.


  4. The natural cycle of life…still makes it tough, though. On a happier note: loving your lace – and you’ll get to know MS Word…just keep using it…I know you are just as smart as all those gazillions of people who use it! Even I do, occasionally ;-)).


  5. Oh, I would feel so bad for the mama turkey but I also know that it is the circle of life. I just don’t want to witness it! Your shawl is beautiful and the lacework is coming right along. Your kids sound like my kids! Ha ha! They tell me the same thing. I know you’ll be able to do it . Have a wonderful evening my friend.
    Blessings, Betsy


  6. Dang.. I just lost a wonderful comment to the ether… Your shawl lace is faboo! And with Word all you have to do is click each button and play and adventure around it while you find out what it all does. You can do it!! Sorry about the little turkey.. life is tough in the wilds. ((hugs)), Teresa 🙂


  7. Oh dear! Nature can be cruel sometimes. Your shawl is looking very pretty. Love the colors. Teresa’s right about word. You just have to play around with it a bit. You’ll get it.


  8. Awwwwwww…poor little turkey. But, I guess a fox needs to eat too and we certainly don’t feel sorry for ol’ Tom Turkey when we are having Thanksgiving supper.

    Good luck with the Word. It’s not all that hard to learn and I believe you can find several books on Word at the bookstore. It makes learning on the fly a whole lot easier.


  9. Oh no! I’m sure that you will pick up Word. It can be tricky but you have plenty of time to make mistakes 🙂 You can do it!


  10. If you can knit lace, you can use Word… it’s A LOT easier. And your kids are right, you’ll learn quicker if you stick with it and don’t let them do it for you.


  11. The shawl is pretty and yes, it is an important skill to learn to ‘read’ your knitting! Hand holding is welcome, though! I do not like it when I have to see babies killed……I’m not good with the chain of life, I guess!


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